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If you have small budget while building or renovating your house, then wall panelling is the best way through which you can create an incredible style. Wall panelling is the best way to transform your house especially living room, bedroom, bathroom and hallway. Wall panelling does come in several different forms and that is why you need to research about it properly.

You need to ensure that you are choosing the best wall panelling lengths. Along with that choose the one that will be best for your house. If you want to know that how you can choose the best wall panelling at home then take a look over the steps below-


While panelling a wall, it is crucial for you to create a plan at first because that is really essential. At first you need to get the notebook and write everything that you want to know about panelling and from you should get it. You can also research about it online on Instagram and check which design will look good on your wall. Once you have created the one which will offer you best style then you should choose it.

Measure your wall

After creating a plan then next thing that you need to do is measure the wall according to wall panelling lengths, width and depth. It is essential for you to give some time to these things because then only you can get the accurate panelling for your wall which will make it look so much better. It is an obvious thing that you should do because without that it will not be possible to measure the walls.  

Cut the panel and smooth your walls

After measuring you need to cut the panel according to the wall size. While cutting you need to ensure you are cutting it vertically and smoothly.  You should ask a professional about the things that you should consider.  After cutting you need to make sure you have sand and smooth down the walls with the electric sander and sandpaper. If there will be any bumps or lumps in the wall then it may not attach properly. 

Apply the panels

Once you have smoothened the walls then the next thing that you need to do is apply the panel to the walls. You should start from the top, place the panel on a marked and then ensure that it is straight. You need to ensure you are using the adhesive at the back and apply to the walls.  

Fill gaps and paint the wall panel

At last, after applying the panels to the walls you can even decorate them and fill the unsightly gaps, cracks or holes which are present there.  You need to fill the sides and that will depend on the gaps which are appeared there.  After filling the gap, you can do the fun part and that is painting. But before you start painting you need to ensure that wall panelling is stick properly and is fully dry.

With the painting you can give your wall an amazing look which will make your house look best.

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