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Style doesn’t mean expensive, style means tasteful. Yes, you have to pay for quality the same way you need to spend on 20Bets to achieve results at betting, but it shouldn’t be a huge amount equal to the budget of some small African country.


But it takes a little imagination, a little moderation and a little cunning, and your apartment – a model to illustrate a catalog of interior design, and the contents of the purse – in one piece.

Art Objects and Decor

Statuettes, stained-glass windows, paintings, posters, mosaics – all this adds a hundred points to the style of the interior. And also immediately draws attention to itself, distracting from the shortcomings. But the choice of an art object also requires special care. 


Don’t buy up the typical paintings, series produced in large interior stores and familiar to all and sundry. Don’t spare time and go through small art galleries and showrooms, art markets and showrooms. We assure you that you can choose interesting things, without spending too much.

Vintage Items

Vintage as a design element is appropriate in any interior. Just do not turn the room into a museum of antiques, it will be more ridiculous than stylish. But a couple or three noble vintage things will add aristocratism and nobility to any room. If these items are also functional – just great!


Beautifully aged chest of drawers, an ashtray, a gramophone, a vintage set in the kitchen – all this will advantageously emphasize your taste. Show your personality: an old typewriter will help to decorate the room of a journalist, and a collection of vinyl – to those who are fond of music. The main thing is that it should be appropriate.


Go to the flea markets – there you can find truly unique items at ridiculous prices. You can also look for vintage on the Internet, there are many communities and sites where people sell things acquired from grandmother’s dowry for next to nothing, swap, or just give in good hands.

Decorative Screens for Zoning

A decorative screen is a real “wild card” for small apartments near Indianapolis. Firstly, screens look very elegant and unusual. For lovers of oriental color, it’s fantastic.


But the main advantage is that you can easily zone your space with its help, depending on the situation: your workplace, your relaxation zone or the children’s play area. To the above advantages add compactness and mobility, and you yourself will wonder why you don’t have it yet.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants, besides their aesthetic qualities, perform other health benefits: purify the air, lift your spirits and can even help to combat off-season depression. Even without being an experienced florist, it’s easy to arrange your small botanical garden in the apartment, pleasing to the eye and enlivening even the most boring interior.

Increase the Size of the Windows With Ceiling Mouldings

Large windows and high ceilings are what everyone wants. But, alas, such a luxury is not always available. Not a problem. Ceiling cornices are inexpensive and perfectly cope with their functions: “stretch” the space, visually making the windows wider and the ceilings higher.

Textiles in the Interior

Such, it would seem, an ordinary subject of interior, as textiles, plays an important role. Cushions or a rug, thrown on a chair or a sofa, can become almost a style-forming element of the interior, a bright accent in the overall concept. Moreover, they add that very homeliness.


Just don’t leave the ones that came with the sofa – usually they are all the same color, and this is boring and not at all stylish. If you know how to fancy, then your imagination is where to turn – embroider sofa cushion with your own hands and get ready to answer questions, where did you buy one.

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