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Property Flipping 101_ A Step-by-Step Guide to Transformative Upgrades Factors to Consider When Choosing Roofing Materials for Your Home

Making improvements to your home means that you can benefit from a comfortable place to live. Upgrading and updating allow you to reap the benefits that modern building techniques and technology have to offer, but it also means that you can add to the overall value of your property. Below, we’ll look at different types of glazing you could add to your property, the benefits and if they can add value to your home. 

If you think the windows in your home could benefit from an update, Essex glazing can help you choose which product would be best for your property.

Types of glazing 

If you’re not familiar with the different types of glazing on offer, there are three main types that properties can have that all come with different benefits including: 

  • Single glazing: This type of glazing is often found in old, period homes and is outdated due to its thin and penetrable attributes. It is made up of one pane of glass in a frame. It is not used often in modern windows as it does not come with the benefits that can be found in double and triple glazing. 
  • Double glazing: This type of glazing is more commonly used in homes across the country and the world. It is made up of two panes of glass in a frame, that has a vacuum of gas or air in between. This allows for better insulation, security, and soundproofing. 
  • Triple glazing: This is a new type of glazing that tends to be used in colder, Scandinavian countries and has been developed by using three panes of glass in a frame, each with a vacuum of air or gas in between, that offer the same benefits as double glazing but in a more pronounced way. 

Benefits of double glazing 

Double glazing is one of the most used types of glazing in modern windows – and it’s easy to see why! Because these windows are made up of two panels of glass, separated by air or gas, they can keep the heat in your home, and the cold out – so installing these windows means that you can save money on your heating bills, and stop unnecessary heat loss. Not only can you benefit from a warmer home, but the additional layer of glass with a vacuum between means additional soundproofing, which could be handy if you live in a built-up, urban area. 

Double glazing keeps the heat in, but it also keeps the unwanted out. You can improve the security of your home by installing double glazing. The two panes of glass make it more difficult to break, so you can deter any intruders before they even try to gain entry. You are also less likely to fall victim to vandals as these windows are notoriously difficult to break. 

Does it add value?

Adding double glazing can add up to 10% to your home’s overall value. This could be due to a few reasons. It is a way of updating your windows to a more modern solution, that can add curb appeal and look more elegant from the outside, but it also provides a huge range of benefits that are key when it comes to renovating and updating our homes. Choosing to upgrade features like your windows means you can reap the benefits that they have to offer whilst you’re living there, and when you come to sell. 

What about triple glazing? 

Opinions are divided when it comes to triple glazing. Adding a third sheet of glass to your window means you can experience all the benefits that come with double glazing but to a higher quality. In theory, you should be able to keep more heat in, hear less noise from outside, and you’re adding to the already high levels of security that double glazing can give you, but there is a con. Triple glazing costs more than double, and it is particularly hard to say whether it is worth it! You may experience increased warmth if you live in a very cold country, but otherwise, you may not be able to tell!

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