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Accessibility is more important than ever, and your business should strive to do all it can to allow employees, customers, and clients alike to experience a safe and functional place to work, shop or relax. There are a few simple things you can do to allow for improved accessibility, from considering the available parking, to introducing Sheffield cycle stands, widening walkways and adding clear signage. We’ll look at these factors in more detail below. 

What do we mean by accessibility? 

When we talk about accessibility, we are referring to the concept of a product or service being used by everyone. Making your business accessible means that you are ensuring everyone can benefit and use your product and service, regardless of age, gender, or disability. Making changes to retail premises and offices so that everyone has a chance to utilise what you are offering is important, and below, we’ll look at three things that you should consider when improving your business’s accessibility. 

  • Parking 

Parking is a factor that must be considered when it comes to accessibility. Approaching a business, whether that’s a shop, office, or leisure facility, customers are going to be immediately put off if they can’t find somewhere to safely park their car. Creating spaces for customer parking, if necessary, means that your customers can use your service with ease, you could also add cycle stands to appeal to those of us that are conscious of our carbon footprint. 

Creating designated parking spaces makes the experience easier for everyone. If it is dark, somewhere close to parking your car allows you to feel safe. Adding parent and child spaces, as well as disability parking means that you can take a step towards improving accessibility and is a way of showing your customers and clients that you have their needs in mind.  

  • Walkways

The walkways within your business are important when it comes to determining how accessible your business really is. If you run a business like a shop, restaurant, or bar, it is essential that you keep wheelchair users in mind, for example, placing tables too close together may mean that it is harder to navigate or fit a wheelchair through the gap. Cluttered walkways can also be hazardous for others that may be visually impaired. 

It’s not just the walkways themselves that could do with being made a little more accessible, but doors that lead to the walkways too. Heavy doors can be hard for elderly people to open, so choosing something lighter could be advantageous. You could also add additional buttons at a lower level so that wheelchair users can open the door with ease. Applying these considerations means that your company can work towards being more inclusive. Here is 3 dollar deposit casino

  • Signage 

Making slight changes to the signage that you place around your premises can also be helpful when it comes to improving accessibility within your business. You should think about raising letters off their backing so they’re easier to read, as well as using contrasting colours so they can be identified clearly. You could also introduce braille to your signs, especially if they’re directing someone to a meeting, restroom, or consultation room. You could also use high visibility colours to make the text on your signage clearer and easier to read for those who are visually impaired. 

Why does it matter? 

Improving accessibility within your business means that you’re likely to be chosen over others that are not as accessible. For people that require these changes to be made, it can be difficult to find places that are suited to their individual requirements, so by taking their needs into account, you’re creating a space safe and welcoming for all, and it will not go unnoticed amongst your customers, clients, and employees. It is a way of showing that you care. 

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