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Here is the detail of How did Justin Mildwater Die? Death Cause and Detail. Justin Mildwater is the first husband of Nadia Sawalha. She is an amazing actress and a TV presenter. Justin Mildwater died on 25th December 1997. They both were divorced but before that, they live a happy life for 5 years. Justin Mildwater, after separation, was not able to cope with this depression and emotional stress. So, he wasn’t able to cure his mental strain. After that, he passed away in December 1997. After his death, also her wife Nadia Sawalha was sad and took time to cope with this stress.

How did Justin Mildwater Die Death Cause and Detail

Who is Justin Mildwater?

Justin Mildwater worked as a producer in the entertainment industry. He was more focused on recording and producing different types of shows. He is the husband of Nadia Sawalha. They both worked together in a show named loose women. Justin Mildwater was previously married to Nadia Sawalha. But after some problems, they both separated he could not bear the loss of his operation. So, he committed suicide.

He was 31 years old at the time of his death. He committed suicide in 1997 on the day of Christmas. Justin Mildwater was a very gentleman and also an amazing producer. He has worked with various outstanding and well-known artists.

Who is Nadia Sawalha?

Nadia Sawalha is a very well-known actress, YouTuber, and TV presenter. She has done many TV shows. Nadia Sawalha has played the role of Gina in a comedy series. The name of the series was Second Thoughts. She played this role during 1992-1994.

Then during 1997 and 1999 she again does a serial known as Opera EastEnders. She played the role of Annie Palmer in this BBC serial. Her acting is outstanding. She has done a lot in her career. Justin Mildwater and Nadia Sawalha had a good time in the entertainment industry together. She is a very competent lady and the main cause of their divorce was also her work in the entertainment industry.

How did Justin Mildwater Die?

Nadia Sawalha was struggling to get work in the entertainment industry. For earning a daily living, she also worked as a waitress at a restaurant. After that, she gets a big break for 6 months and she had no work at that time. But after that, he got an opportunity telecasted in a BBC soap known as EastEnders. Her role was Nadia Mitchell in this show. She showed more involvement in the show and work very amazingly. She got much work and it was a great benefit for her at that time. Nadia Sawalha became a big TV celebrity. Because of this, there built a fight between her and her husband.

So, this fight resulted in their separation and they both left their marriage. At the time of their divorce, she was playing the role of Anna Palmer. This role was played by her in the show Albert Square. They separated 4 weeks before the death of Justin Mildwater. His death was only because of their separation. This is because he could not bear the pain and emotional strain that he got from the separation of him from Nadia Sawalha.

The news was broken by Nadia Sawalha. She told everyone that Justin Mildwater has attempted suicide. This is because it was one time before that he attempted to kill himself. After that, their friends of Justin and Nadia asked about his well-being. At that time Justin also admitted that he felt suicidal many times but he has not tried to kill himself.

Justin Mildwater and Nadia Sawalha Separation:

Nadia Sawalha suffered for many years to get a good job with a good income. But after a long time, she gets a good job with a high income. Her workload started increasing because of her workload and involvement in the entertainment industry. She was not able to manage her married life. Then Nadia Sawalha decided to take divorce Justin Mildwater.

Justin further stated that he is not happy with her decision. This is because their 4 years of happy marriage turn into separation and he didn’t want it. He was not happy with this separation. Justin Mildwater was a record producer. He also worked hard for earning a living. Bin, in the end, Nadia Sawalha decided to take divorce from him. This was the worst decision for Justin Mildwater. This is because it shattered him and left him alone.

Justin Mildwater Suicide:

Justin Mildwater disappeared after Christmas. So, his family was very curious and nervous about where he is. They became alarmed that they have not met Justin Mildwater since Christmas. So, his brother who is Lucien goes to Justin’s house. When he went into the house, he discovered the dead body of Justin Mildwater. His neighbors also said that they heard a voice on the ng day from his house.

At that time, they became aware of his death. After that, the whole family and entire people came to know that he committed suicide. The news was broken in the television industry by Nadia Sawalha who is the first wife of Justin Mildwater.


Justin Mildwater committed suicide. It was a very bad decision that was taken by him as a result of his marriage separation. He was married to Nadia Sawalha. But due to some family fights, they were divorced. Justin Mildwater was not able to bear this loss. He also admitted that he got suicidal thoughts many times. But he didn’t commit suicide before. On 25th December 1997, he was found dead in his house. It was discovered by his brother and later the news spread everywhere.

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