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Choosing to add an extension to your home can help you to create a more comfortable, functional space with a modern interior, and it can help to increase the overall price of your home should you choose to sell it. There are several different types of extensions that could work for you depending on the space available, from a wraparound extension to a single-storey extension. Read on to find out more about wraparound extensions and how they could benefit you.  

What is a wrap-around extension? 

A wrap-around extension is a way of utilising the rear and side alley of a home, to create a larger room or space on the ground floor. It is often an L-shape and uses space that you might have to the side of your house, like an alley or a walkway, and then extends to the back of the house. There are so many benefits that come with a wrap extension, from accentuated space to natural light flooding the room. You can add a whole new element to your home with a wrap extension, whether that’s a larger kitchen-diner, a bedroom, or a downstairs bathroom. 

Properties that can benefit 

The type of extension you choose often depends on the type of property you have. A wraparound extension is a good option for Victorian houses, that sometimes have dead space to the side of the property, that can be used to extend your home in width. However, if you do choose this type of extension, you should be aware that you will lose side access. Every extension is different but choosing a wraparound design can work well if you have space to the side, and back of your home. Below, we’ll look at some of the ways that wrap extensions can benefit you. 

Open-plan designs 

If your home is small, which Victorian, terraced properties often can be choosing a wraparound extension means that you can add space to design an open plan living arrangement downstairs in your home. An open plan helps to create more space, which means more room for movement and entertaining others. An open-plan kitchen-diner is a good way of creating a sense of togetherness in your household, where you can cook, eat, and entertain all in one space. You could even create an open plan kitchen and living area, so you can relax in your new extension. 

If you choose a wraparound extension, you’ll be utilising the space to the back of your building, so you could include bi-fold or French doors that can be opened on a sunny summer’s day, and have the warmth and fresh air streaming in. Natural light is a huge benefit of an open plan design which we’ll look at in more detail below. 

Natural light 

If you’re working with a smaller space and that is why you’re choosing to extend, a wraparound extension means that you can create an open, airy space with added natural light filling the room. You can add a whole wall of French doors out into your garden for maximum sunlight and access in the summer which can create a bright, modern feel to a space. If you have a sloping roof, adding skylights or pivot windows can be a great way of letting the sunlight in. Creating a bright, naturally lit room means that it will appear bigger, and you can benefit from the natural warmth of the sun in the warmer seasons. 

Create extra width 

If you’re struggling for space, a wraparound extension means that you can extend the width of a kitchen or living area. Your kitchen is a room that needs to be functional it needs to have ample storage and room for you and your family to move around freely without getting in each other’s way! A wraparound extension means that you can add more storage as necessary and open out your kitchen into somewhere you can navigate and use with ease, with access to utilities as necessary. Whether it’s countertops, cupboards or appliances, an extension that creates more width means increased functionality, and ease of use. 

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