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English cottage house design ideas always form a charismatic outlook for your residency. History states that English cottages as the first form of complete house designs. Therefore it may be considered as the archaic symbol of euro English origin.

So, no matter either you’re living in the city lights or countryside, English cottage house design ideas would always engage your eye. So do not wait more and check out the top 7 modern cottage house designs.

1. Cottage with a Trellis

Everyone wants to welcome dear host right from entering the compound. How about creating an outdoor doorway that will not only welcome your guests but also inspire your walk towards home. Also if you have a basic English cottage, still you can add a promising new look to it.

All you have to do is to add trendy trellis around your cottage. Working upon minimal is best phenomena by home improvement tips, It will go best with all sizes of English cottage house design ideas. Do check out further trellis ideas for your cottage.

2. Basic English Cottage Designs

Are you up to primary cottage design ideas that go well with your small family? Then you must go for Crimson shaded roofs and low heightened house design. This would not only provide you a weather-resistant living space but also let you create the classic small cottage house plans. It is perfect for both modern and countryside cottage house plans. However, putting your nameplate on your cottage is a must job.

3. Lighthouse Inspired Cottages

Adjacent to the sea, lighthouses are the must-visit place. They represent the history and also seems very clicking. If you are going to construct an English cottage for yourself do try out lighthouse inspired English cottage house designs. Simply Play around with heights and shapes for your cottage designs. Surely add chimneys and small windows so that you could share your light with others in the dark.

4. Mansion Cottage House Designs Plans

Although, it is an oxymoron but looks very royal when applied to a practical plane. People who are eccentric origin lovers and a billionaire too, try out such house plans. Here, an entire mansion is designed taking an English cottage as the yardstick of the house plan. Hence, a humongous cottage with mansion bedrooms creates an aura of luxury in the surrounding.

5. Marble Studded Designs For Your Cottage

English cottages look very beautiful when made up of basic elements such as stones, wood, etc. However, this is the time to give your cottages a cleaner look. For this purpose, add geometric marble patterns in the exteriors of your English cottage house plans. For more embellishment, you may add marble columns in the interiors of your English cottages.

6. Lean And Green Look

This is high time to go back towards nature and reflect on your pasture love.  English cottage house designs have a long list of lean and green cottages which are exotically designed with grass wall carpets. You may further adorn your cottage with blossoming floral vines. Surrounded by trees, these rustic sleek English cottages Provide a hideout from the days of pollution and mechanics.

7. The White Dwarf

Generally, English cottage house design ideas include warm tones. As the material used when constructing the house is often red, Gray, and blackish teal color, So most of the English cottages are seen in these colors. However, this is the time to break the monotony. Artistic white English cottages not only specify your love for sophistication but also makes an impact upon your guests. You may further work for the cottage house interior design with Boho-chic designs. You should check how to design a sophisticated white living room.


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