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Bathing in the same old way would make you bored; at least for once in your life. So, do not wait to be bored by the conventional methods of bathing. Grab a life. Give chance for fabulous outdoor shower design ideas. Such that would change your entire experience about bathing.

Outdoor bathing may sound a bit awkward for shy or conservative people. However, it is one of the sources where you can feel closer to your natural being. It would give you a sense of liberty. In other words, you may break the societal chains in one way or another. Therefore, you can enjoy being yourself.

You may have seen such outdoor showers on beaches or private resorts. However, the following are some utopian outdoor shower design ideas that would never let you forget your holiday’s charm.

So, let us check out the list.

Zen Outdoor Shower Design Ideas

Zen gardens are known for meditative purposes. They help to achieve this spiritual self, lost in the blistering busyness of this modern era. People who want to rinse off their superficiality and seek purgation; go for Zen shower designs. They are the best blend of modern ways of gaining spirituality.

So, bathing in such a garden would let you feel nurtured with the blessing of nature.

Now the question is, how you can manage to showcase a shower in the scenario? It is pretty simple. Zen gardens are filled with stone walls, ornaments, rock statues, etc. All you have to implant a shower.

The perk of these Zen outdoor shower design ideas is that there is no height limit. You can even go for a sitting shower. Hence, You can go for any length. This would take you to the imaginary waterfalls where you always wished to go to.

Outdoor Bath with a Curtain

Do you love putting yourself in an outside bath? however, you feel a bit shy getting naked in front of others? do you want to enjoy your shower in the open air without coming into anyone’s eyes? then these outdoor shower design ideas are just for you.

You can still dazzle underwater splash using a curtain. No, here the word curtain is not a regular piece of cloth. However, this is a semi partition that is not see-through. So you can enjoy your wet things under the open sky. All you have to do is to select a specific corner at your place. Try to select a semi-hidden or square place half-covered with a tree. This would create a natural hiding for your shower. It would be better to create our DIY shower design ideas.

For this, try to place your shower handle near our tree. However, if you do not like the tree trunk you can use a polished water-resistant wooden partition. For more privacy use a movable wooden partition. So that you can cover yourself.

The Arabian Fountain

Have you ever thought that why the Arabian peninsula is counted as one of the best versions of home architecture? Arabian traditions are often used in home improvement tips as well. Those who love rustic outdoor shower ideas must try this Arabian oriented shower style. These outdoor shower design ideas are one of the kind; They give an exotic flavor to outdoor bathing.

Most people think that an outdoor shower would be completed With a shower accessory. However, in Arabian oriented designs, you may add much luxury to your bathing area. Generally, this design is applied with four pollsters which are covered with lightweight satin curtains. There is no ceiling at all. So that a person may enjoy the immense approach of weather during a shower. As the pollsters make the place more like a small open-air bathroom.

You may add some marble floor seating for sitting and rubbing your body. Such outdoor shower design ideas are often accompanied by outdoor massage slabs where you can enjoy the most archaic method of relaxing the body. However, adding a massage slab is completely optional. It depends upon your taste. 

The Outdoor Sauna

We all have enjoyed the Sauna in a house or gym side. getting placed into a sauna, keep your body fresh. It is one of the best practices in skin treatment. As it opens up pores and suits blood vessels. Similarly, fresh air can cause whimsical effects on our brain. How about blending these two amazing elements at one place? Let us define some beautiful modern outdoor shower design ideas for that.

For this particular design, you should try a double glazed heating system for your outdoor showers.

Yes, it is possible to enjoy standing ‘Sauna these days. Add a shelf for putting bath accessories. Also, add a nook for placing your towel.

For best results, add a frosted shield. Likewise, if you want the best luxuries effect, try going beyond the regular. In other words, you may add a Jacuzzi monolithic style which would not only enhance your style. It would give you the best pleasure of bathing; something you would have never felt before.

These particular outdoor shower design ideas are best for couples romancing outdoor but do not want to compromise on their health.

Bathing Near the Poolside

Most people love diving in the pools. That is why people construct 3D swimming pools in their green yard. Swimming itself is an interesting activity which is taken as a sport too. So, every health-conscious person loves to swim. However, it is very important to take a quick shower after swimming. The reason is, pool water is disinfected with chlorine water. Indeed, Chlorine water is suitable for purifying water but ominous for your skin and hair. It can cause drastic effects. So, why do not you rinse off chlorinated effects just stepping out of the pool?

Surely, you can. Try out outdoor shower ideas for swimming pool areas. Build a cabin Shower just near your pool.

These outdoor shower design ideas are very much similar to the seashore open showers. If you are comfortable, one shower wall is enough to enjoy your bath in the fresh air. Do not forget to use a hand shower in such shower designs.

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