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Elegant curtain design will make your house worth seeing. Curtains play a very important role in the renovation of your home. Curtains make the room delightful. Hanging curtain is much popular these days. Curtains help a lot to maintain the environment of the room. A good selection of a curtain will make your room beautiful. A curtain helps to keep your room warm in winter. You select dark colors for winters. In summers, you choose light color curtains. These curtains keep your room temperature moderate. The curtains are moveable to remove the curtains as per your requirement. The selection of curtains is very important.

Curtains are part of luxuries. You pay a lot for a high-quality curtain as the curtains are expensive so you should carefully choose, and must be conscious about the type of fabric while purchasing a curtain. You should be well aware of the weather conditions as well. The color selection is most important. Colors play an important role in personality development. Even they gradually affect your personality. So you should have a better knowledge about colors and their impact upon the person’s attitude. You can make the selection to improve your attitude as well.

Elegant Curtain Design

Importance of Curtains

Curtains have become part and parcel of the beautification of homes. Everyone wants to keep their home neat and clean. Everyone tries their best to make his home very beautiful. Curtains are mandatory for those who use transparent glass in windows. This is compulsory to maintain their privacy. Curtains are used to make the room attractive. Door curtains also prevent others from peeping into the room.  Elegant curtain design gives a sophisticated look to the room.

Curtains also gather dust and keep your room neat and clean. These help to contain the cooling of your air conditioner inside the room. Curtains make your room spacious. It will be more fascinating if the curtains are long enough to touch the floor. The most important factor is to select the fabric quality. You might choose a cotton fabric. You can also set a silk fabric. Cotton fabric curtains are best for the bedroom. These are easily washable. Their light color is delightful. Silk curtains shine and reflect the light. The reflection of light sometimes irritates. Especially in summers, these curtains create boredom.

Types of Curtains

What makes a curtain more special is its elegant curtain design. The design of the curtain makes it different. The designers know that the customers need variety. They create new strategies to fulfill the customers’ needs. Even the railings and rods also give an entirely different look.


Fancy curtains are called drapes. Drapes are the most elegant curtain design. These are long enough to touch the floor. The stuff used in drapes is of high quality and expensive. Mostly the drapes are made up of velvet, silk, or damask.

Drapes Curtain

Ring Top Curtains

Ring top curtains have metallic rings on the upper side. A rod is used to hang curtains through rings. These are also known as eyelet curtains. Ring top curtain has another name, “grommet.” Metal rings make the curtain durable and glorious. The rings save the fabric from damage. These rings help to move the curtain easily. These curtains are the best choice if you have to move the curtains daily.

Ring Top Curtains


Valance is a small curtain. It is used at the top of the windows or doors. There are too many varieties in valance. You can choose the one as per your desire. Valance remains fixed. You cannot move the valence like a curtain. Valance looks very beautiful, especially when the curtain is partially closed.

Valance Curtain

Single Panel Curtains

Single panel curtains have a single piece. This looks graceful when you don’t need to move the curtain. Single panel curtains have a unique look. It is better to use for small windows or shelves.

Elegant curtain design

Panel Pair Curtains

Panel Pair curtains are pair of curtains. The team is always in matching. This type of curtain allows maximum light to pass through the door or window.

Rod Pocket Curtains

Rod pocket curtains are the curtains that have pockets at the top. Pockets hold the rod and move around to make it open or close. This is a classic but very beautiful design for the hanging curtain.

Window Scarf

The window scarf is a most elegant curtain design. It is a piece of fabric which you can hang in front of the window. The material makes a curve in the center and enhances the elegance of the curtain. You can use two scarfs in contrast to increasing the curtain’s beauty. The colors of the scarf are mostly dark to make the top prominent. Velvet and silk scarf are more attractive.

Elegant curtain design

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains keep the rooms dark. The light cannot pass through these curtains. These curtains are thick enough. You can use polyester-made blackout curtains. These curtains not only block the light but also help to reduce noise pollution. These are beautiful and have a specific smell. This is a chemical smell and remains for a long time.

Elegant curtain design

Pleated Curtains

Pleated curtains are of different types. Pinch pleat curtains are thick and heavy. While stitching the curtain, the tailor pinches the crease at the top. These wrinkles or folds appear sophisticated and eye-catching. These folds till the bottom are also glorious. French pleats are also beautiful. You can hang French pleats either using hooks or rings with hooks.  Pencil pleats are one of the most elegant curtain designs. Pleats make pencil shape, and you can hang pencil pleat either on a track or a pole.

Elegant curtain design

Tab Top Curtains

Tab Top curtains have loops or tabs to hang the curtain. These loops or tabs make a knot shape at the top of the curtains. You can turn these curtains on a pole or a rod. Tab top curtains also have different varieties. Tabbed curtains cannot be moved easily. If you use rings for the tab top curtains, you can slide the curtain easily. The tab curtains also have an elegant look.

Tab Top Curtains

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