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In this article we will tell you about Blueface net worth, his career, early life, biography, and relationship status. Blueface is a popular singer and rapper from United States who has earned a lot of excess and fame after the release of his music video respect my Cryppin. He is widely known for his offbeat style. He has done a lot of successful projects like Thotiana which was ranked at number 8 on the Billboard hot 100.

Blueface net worth is estimated to be around 4 million dollars. His funky style and his love for chains and bracelets are evident from his appearance. An interesting fact about blue face is that his real name is Jonathan but he uses his name Blueface for the ease of rapping.

Blueface Net Worth, Career, Early Life, Biography, Girlfriend, Age

Blueface Net Worth:

When we see the luxurious lifestyle of our favorite personalities we become curious to know their net worth. Now we will tell you about Blueface net worth. Blueface net worth is estimated to be around 4 million dollars. If we talk about his monthly salary he earns almost $800k in a month. His major source of income is rapping but he also earns from his social media platforms through collaboration, paid sponsorships, and promotions. He maintains a luxury lifestyle. Blueface owns luxury villa and luxury and expensive cars.

He purchased a house in January 2020 at a price of 1220k dollars. His luxury villa features swimming pool, lawn, luxury kitchen, and well furnished rooms. If we talk about his cars he has a wide range of luxury and expensive cars including Chevrolet C7, Mercedes GT AMG, Porsche Panamera Turbo, and Mercedes AMG 63. He also does a business of real estate and earns a handsome amount from this business.

Early Life of Blueface:

Blueface who is an amazing American rapper was born in Los Angeles California on 20th January, 1997. Most of the time of his early childhood was spent in mid city in Los Angeles. If we talk about his education he completed his schooling in Santa Clarita Valley. During the time of his early education he lived with his mother but after that he moved towards San Fernando Valley to live with his father.

In San Fernando Valley he started his schooling in Arleta High School. He was interested in rapping and singing since his childhood. After completing his collage he took admission in Fayetteville State University, in Fayetteville, North Carolina. If we talk about his family the name of his mother is Karlissa Saffold while the name of his father is Jonathan.

His father is associated with the profession of sales and his mother works in a sports club. He developed the interest of rapping and singing listening to various famous artists like Snoop Dog, 5O Cent and The Game.

How Blueface started his career:

Blueface was interested in rapping and singing from a very young age. So, now we will tell you how Blueface started his career. He started his career in January 2017. Blueface started his rapping carrier under the name Blueface Bleedem. He named this title due to his memories in school yard group. When he left his State University he moved back to Los Angeles. Here in Los Angeles he met his companion Laudiano. They both worked together. Blueface started rapping on the tunes created by Laudiano.

He completed his first project in 2018 under the name Famous Crip. Seeing the huge response from the audience, he started working more hard and consistently to make his name in music industry. Then in 2019, he released another tape named Stop Cappin which had almost 5 million views in just four days. Then he again released an album Dirtbag which included 8 tracks. The famous tracks of this album are Mozi and Lil pump.

Who is the girlfriend of Blueface:

Fans are usually curious to know about the relationship status of their favorite celebrities. So, now in this article we will tell you who is the girlfriend of Blueface? Blueface has dated many girls and currently he is dating Jaydin Alexin. In the past he has dated the daughter of Benzino whose name is Coi Leray.

Alexin and Blueface are going to welcome their first baby in coming months. Unfortunately there has been news about the disagreements of the couple. Currently they are living together and there is no news of their partition. If we get any news about their relationship we will update you immediately.

Physique and appearance of Blueface:

Blueface has a charming and funky personality. If we talk about his height, he is almost 6 feet and 3 inches while his weight is around 160 pounds. He has dark brown skin. Blueface also wears chains and bracelets. He is also a tattoo lover which is quite obvious from his shirtless pictures.

Which awards has Blueface won:

Now we will discuss about which awards has Blueface won? Blueface has won a number of awards. He was nominated for the best new artist award in 2019. Then again in 2019 he was nominated for BET Hip Hop award. He was also nominated for IHeart Radio Music Award in 2020 due to his project Thotiana.

What are the legal problems of Blueface:

It has been observed that Blueface came to the highlight due to some legal issues in 2019. So now we will tell you what are the legal problems of blueface. In the month of November 2019 Blueface faced a robbery at a gas station. As the suspect ran away after the robbery, Blueface opened fire on him.

Opening fire on any vehicle is considered a felony in California. So he was arrested and put behind the bars. He had to face prison for another charge due to the position of unregistered gun. Although he was released from the jail on bail but these charges have somehow disturbed his professional career.

What is the age of Blueface:

Now we will tell you what is the age of Blueface? He was born on 20th January 1997. So, his age is almost 25 years.

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