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Here is the detail of Who is Big Meech Daughter and Her Name, Age, Net Worth, Kids, and much more. He is a much known personality as he is a businessman and entrepreneur. People all over the world know him as he is a very famous and successful personality. He is also very much known because he belongs to the Black Mafia family. As most people try to respect him because he is a mafia king. He has so many guards for his protection also. Although he is a mafia king and he is a great businessman. He loves his work and always tries to gain more and more success. There are so many companies who want to partner with him in his work.

This is because they know that he has a very intellectual mind. And all of his ideas are enough to make a company very powerful and superior to all. That’s the reason for his great achievements and money. He has a mind which always thinks about business that how to invent something unique. Although he is mafia so people became so much interested to know his family. They want to know who are his family members and who are his children. He has a daughter whose name is Manessa Mia Hussey.

Who is Big Meech Daughter and Her Name, Age, Net Worth, Kids

Big Meech Daughter:

Big Meech has a daughter whose name is Manessa Mia Hussey. She is also very famous because of the daughter of a famous businessman. Yet she is very beautiful and also has a lot of lovers. She was born on 2nd July and the place where she was born was the united states. Her religion is Christianity. She respects her father a lot because he is the one who gives them a luxurious life. Her father’s name is Big Meech and she also has a brother whose name is Lil Meech. She always respects her father and this father-daughter duo is very amazing. They both love each other. Her father always respects her opinions and always gave her a chance to do whatever she wants to do.

Her physical appearance Is very attractive. She is very charming and she is also very beautiful. Her physical appearance and personality are also the main factor of her fame and popularity. She has a cute-looking personality. The eye color of her is dark brown which is very suitable for her. Her hair color is black. The eye color and hair color of Manessa is a very great combination by which her personality and physical appearance look more amazing and beautiful.

Net Worth:

Big Meech has a net worth of $100 million. He has this large amount of money because of his business and mafia background. The net worth of Big Meech is also very high in the amount of money as he is a very famous and popular businessman. Any businessman can get a lot of net worth only if he is very intelligent and possesses stunning skills also. Big Meech is a very famous and popular entrepreneur. He got a very high amount of net worth. He earns a lot of money as his net worth and he is also one of the richest American businessmen. Big Meech earns a total of $100 million as his net worth.

He made his net worth very huge just because of his consistent efforts and continuous hard work. His hard work and efforts proved effective and now he has got a lot of net worth. His main source of income is his business. But he also earns money from his net worth from other sources. The money of his net worth comes to him from his different brand endorsements.

He also earns money from different dealings and projects in which he works. However, it is confirmed that almost all amount of the money of his net worth comes to him from his business career which has been a very successful career. He is currently living a very luxurious life because he is earning a lot of money as his net worth which is the result of his hard work and effort.

Instagram Followers:

Big Meech has 4836 Instagram followers. As he has not so many followers but people all over the world know him. He has such an attractive personality that everyone likes him. All of his followers love him so much. They wanted him to post about his life every. They all waited for his posts. As Big Meech has 135 posts on his Instagram account. He has 392 accounts that he followed. These all account members are so lucky because Big Meech follows them. Whenever he publishes any post, likes and comments increase in very little time.

This shows the love of his followers towards him. Apart from Instagram Big Meech also has a huge fan following. Whenever someone saw him at any place they always show love towards him by their behavior. All the comments on the posts of Big Meech have only love. There are less hate comments on his posts. People send him love and pray for his success. This is the love of his fans that makes him believe in himself that he can do it. And that’s the reason for his continuous success.


1. What do you know about Big Meech?

Ans. Big Meech is a businessman in America who is very famous and also a mafia king.

2. Who is the daughter of Big Meech;

Ans. Big Meech has only one daughter whose name is Manessa Mia Hussey. She is also like her father.

3. What is the birthplace of Manessa Mia Hussey?

Ans. The place where Manessa Mia Hussey was born was the United States of America.

4. How many kids did Big Meech have?

Ans. Big Meech is a great father of 2 children. One is the son and the other is the daughter. Both have beautiful names. His son’s name is Lil Meech and his daughter’s name is Manessa Mia Hussey.


Big Meech is a very popular and famous businessman and entrepreneur. He has a daughter whose name is Manessa and she is very beautiful girl. He has a total net worth of $100 million. He also belongs to a mafia family.

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