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Here is the detail of What Was Patsy Ramsey Last Words Before Death? Patsy Ramsey was American beauty pageant winner. She was so much pretty. She looks amazing in every look. People all over the world love her so much. She was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia. She has a father and mother whose names are Nedra Ellen Ann and Donald Ray Paugh. They both love Patsy so much. They raised her like a confident daughter. When she was born both of her parents were so much happy. They always gave her a chance to do whatever she wants to do. Patsy Ramsey has a daughter whose name is Jon Benet.

Her daughter died and then Patsy does not bear this great loss of her and she got a disease known as Cancer. Patsy died after her daughter died. She loves a lot her daughter. They both mother-daughter were so engaged with themselves. They always share their feelings  Her daughter was also very pretty like her mother. Although her daughter was not just died naturally. She was murdered.

Patsy became so much alone after her daughter’s death. She missed her daughter a lot because she has only her daughter in her life who is her friend also. This is the biggest loss of Patsy because she can’t even imagine a life without her daughter.

What Was Patsy Ramsey Last Words Before Death

Patsy Ramsey Daughter Death:

Patsy Ramsey’s daughter was murdered. It was the morning of Christmas day and the year was 1996. On that day Jon Benet suddenly disappeared. Patsy became so much worried for her daughter and she search for her everywhere. She was feeling like half of her body part was missed because she and her daughter have a great bond. Later on, the dead body of Jon Benet was found. The news declared that the dead body of Jon Benet was founded in the basement of her house. She was murdered. This news made everyone shocked because this is very unbelievable news.

After that, a note was founded on the stairs and that was for Pat樂威壯
sy. Patsy told in the news it was written that Jon Benet had been kidnaped and the kidnappers were demanding $118,000 in return. Although the real murderer of Jon Benet was not found. And it is not declared yet who is the person who killed Patsy Ramsey’s daughter.

What Was Patsy Ramsey Last Words Before Death?

There are no official last words of Patsy Ramsey. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This was all because of the lack of treatment she received during her disease treatment. First time she was recovered from cancer. But then at the second time she was not treated completely. So she died of cancer but there are no official last words of her that are available for public.

Patsy Ramsey’s Children:

Patsy Ramsey has 2 children a girl and a boy. The girl’s name was Jon Benet and the son is Burke Ramsey. Patsy Ramsey’s son was born in 1987. It was on January 27 that Patsy and her husband John Bonnet welcomed their son. All these family members have a great bond. They all loved each other so much. Her daughter Jon Benet was born on August 6, 1990.

Patsy Ramsey and her husband were the best parents for their children. They always support Their children. They want them to become a very successful personalities. But her daughter died and this makes the whole family very depressed. Both children respect a lot their parents and they always listen to their parent’s advice. For them their parents were everything.


Patsy Ramsey marries at the age of 23. The name of her husband is John Ramsey. They both love each other so much. When Patsy was suffering from cancer her husband supports her very much. He loved his wife till her last breath. John became so much alone when Patsy left the world. Because they both always respect each other point of view and try to make a friendly bond with each other. When Patsy was about to leave this world John feels like a main part of his life is leaving the world. Now he felt very alone and always missed his wife a lot.

Talking about their profession John then worked as the  CEO of a computer services company. The name of the company where he worked was Advanced Product Group. He is a very hard-working person. His main focus is to earn a good amount of income for his family. He gave a very comfortable and luxurious life to his family. Patsy and John have 2 children and this whole family bond is very special.

Illness and Death:

Patsy was suffering from ovarian cancer disease. After the death of her daughter, she became so much sad and she felt like she has now no means of living. In 1993, Patsy suffered from Cancer. After her recovery from that she again got cancer in 2002. But this disease does not go away from her. And in 2006 she left this world. This was so heartbreaking news and on June 24 people celebrate her death anniversary.

How They Met?

Patsy Ramsey married John Bennet Ramsey. They both were living a very happy life. They both never argue with each other and told each other about every single problem in Their life. After Patsey completed her college life she moved to Atlanta. John was a former Navy pilot and a very handsome man.

When they both met they fell in love with each other and married with each other. Both are so pretty and this couple was the best couple at that time. John always tried to make Patsy happy and he gave her all the needs of life. John divorced his first wife in 1978 and then married Patsy. But John never fights with Patsy and always supports her in every matter.


Patsy Ramsey was a beauty contest winner. She died because of cancer. She was married and her husband’s name is John Ramsey. Both have a daughter and son whose names are Jon Benet and Burke Ramsey. Jon Bennet died at a very young age. Patsy died because of cancer after her daughter’s death. She was not able to bear this loss and she left this world like her daughter.

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