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Best places to live in Georgia are too many. The place will be best if it satisfies the people. The people might be locals or tourists. Georgia is a US state. It is situated in the southeast of the United States. The state came into being in 1732. It was a British colony. James Oglethorpe made this colony for prisoners. The state is a good producer of pecans, peanuts and Vidalia onions. Georgia is the fourth big state of the United States. Georgia is spread over almost 57,906 square miles. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. World’s largest restaurant is in Atlanta. Atlanta is also famous for Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King is also the resident of Atlanta. Following are the major factors which play vital role to make a place better to live.

Famous things about Georgia

Georgia is also known as Peach State. Stone Mountain Park is famous for its  Granite resources. Cumberland Island is in Georgia. The island is the living place of wild horses.

Religious Harmony

Best places to live in Georgia should have religious harmony. The main religion of the state is Christianity. Most of the Christians are orthodox. The people from all over the world living there have different religions. Religious harmony gives freedom and peace to the people. This religious harmony helps a lot to prosper in a better way. Georgia is a peaceful place and no religious disputes occur there.


            Best places to live in Georgia contribute to the economy of the country. The economy of the country is gradually getting strong. The basic reason for the economic growth of the country is its transparent atmosphere. The rate of corruption is lowest in Georgia. Georgia is not expensive as compare to the other states of United States. Tourism provides the opportunity to the natives to earn. Georgia is considered as a peaceful place. The local and foreign investors are increasing. Georgia has provided free industrial Zones to the investors. It is a part of Free Trade Area with European Union. Georgia has a sizeable hydroelectric capacity. This has eliminated energy crisis in Georgia. Now the country is independent in its electricity/power requirements.

Best Places to live in Georgia


            Education is the most important requirement in Best places to live in Georgia. Georgia stands 1st in education in United States for K-12 education. Education is the primary need of the country and its people. Education is the only tool to build a nation. It is also the basic right of every child. An educated individual will be a responsible citizen of the country. The state is concerned about the teaching quality, research and Knowledge transfer. Education is free of cost in Georgia. School boards are free to take decisions. Education is compulsory in Georgia from age of 6 to 18 years.


            Health is the foremost priority of Best places to live in Georgia. Facilities of health are provided to the citizens of state. Health department has high quality health plans. Best healthcare is provided in Georgia. Universal healthcare is given to the citizens. The Government is also working a lot upon health issues to provide a better policy regarding provision of health related services to the citizens. Furthermore, students are getting medical education. The state is concerned to produce qualified doctors.


            Health is directly related to the quality of food. In Georgia, you can find the food quality. Quality food is served to the people.

Best places to live in Georgia

Best Places to live in Georgia

            When we talk about the best places to live in Georgia, we think of standards. Georgia is a very good place to live in. It is attractive for the tourists as well. It is a very safe state in United States. Crime rate has dropped speedily.

Atlanta – One of the best places to live in Georgia

            Atlanta is famous for its metropolis and delicious fruit.  It is best place to live in due to safety. Cost of living is normal in Atlanta. Population of the city is also less dense.


            Alpharetta is a best place to live in as you can earn a handsome salary there. Unemployment rate is 4.4%. Population of the city is about 65,590. Crime rate is below the average of state. Education is the top priority of the city. The city has Big Creek Greenway and Tybee Island for best family recreation.


            Roswell is a suitable places to live. Education is the major factor. Take home salary of an employee is very attractive. There are many parks for recreation. Children have enough space to live and enjoy their life.

Sandy Springs – Considered as the Best Places to Live in Georgia

            Life is pretty in Sandy Springs. The city is one of the biggest cities of the state. Population of the city is about 107,072. Unemployment rate is 3%. The city is spread over about 950 acres. Crime rate is 23% which is below from the sates’ crime rate. The quality of education is much satisfactory.


            Augusta is famous for golf tournament. People there have a rich history. The city have some glimpses of historic places as well. Population of the city is 197,888. An expensive place to live in but eye-catching.

Best Places to live in Georgia

Milton – One of the Best Places to Live in Georgia

            Talking about the best places to live in Georgia, Milton comes at top of the list. Milton is known for the best quality of life in Georgia. The city is less populated with the population of 38,759. Job market in Milton is very strong. The city is safest place with highest income level in the state. The city is as per expectations of the citizens.

Dunwoody is also Considered as One of the Best Places to Live in Georgia

            Dunwoody is charming and very beautiful place to live. The city is safe and secure and is favorable for job, education and amenities. Its restaurants and boutiques are its attractive places. These are providing quality services. Both are generating employment opportunities.

Holy Springs

            Holy Springs is the safest place to live in Georgia. It is situated in Northern part of the state.

John’s Creek

            In best places to live in Georgia, John’s Creek has high quality of life. Population of the city 82,200. Few of the best schools of the state are found here in John’s Creek. The city has low crime rate. The city is safe and best place to live with family.

Athens – One of the best places to live in Georgia

            Athens is a very safe and beautiful place. People of Athens feel proud to live in there. Population of the city is about 120,000. The city is cost effective to live in.


            Only 20000 people are living there. “Everything is greater in Decatur”. Its population 24,928. Victorian structure is one of the historic part of the city. The state of Georgia is worth seeing. Most of the places are safest to live and the recreation is also meaningful. Architecture is the beautiful part of the city and tells about the history of the state. When you visit Georgia, you will find that there are too many best places to live in Georgia.

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