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Why is Chicago Called the windy city? Chicago is a great city. Chicago has many nicknames. The windy city is the nickname of Chicago. Chi-town and the City of Big Shoulders are also the nicknames of Chicago. Another nickname of Chicago is the Second City. But the most famous nickname is Windy City. Charles Dana first time called it a windy city. He was an editor of the “New York Sun”. Basically, the name is a metaphor. A nickname is a reflection of the real. A nickname. Chicago is situated on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Why is Chicago Called the windy city


Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States. The city was legitimately assimilated in 1837. The population of the city was about 4000 at that time. Soon the Chicago was the world’s largest grain point. The population of the city was rapidly increasing. In 1930 the population of the city was more than three million (3000000). The people of the city were very hard working. They were innovative. The people worked hard and created work opportunities. The people moved to Chicago to vail opportunities. The city is famous for its bold architecture.

Michigan Lake

            Michigan Lake is a very beautiful part of the city. It fascinates the visitors. A lake is a place of recreation. The people come to enjoy. They enjoy boating and fishing. The beach is also there. Both the beach and the lake are facilitating the city. The natural beauty of the lake and beach makes it worthwhile. The lake is a source of moderate air. The lake saves the city and the citizens from hot air in summer.

Why is Chicago Called the windy city


            The weather might be one reason “Why is Chicago called the windy city?” The question directly points out the weather conditions. It seems that the nickname is telling about the weather conditions. The term “Windy City” shows that strong winds pass through the city. It seems that Chicago is the windiest city. But it is not true. In this sense, the city is on the 73rd number. It is natural that the city on Lake Michigan. The climate of Chicago doesn’t prove it windiest city.


            Chicago and Cincinnati were rivals in the 1860s and 1870s. Cincinnati was well developed and leading city. The role of Cincinnati was very prominent in the economy of the state. Chicago competed the Cincinnati in trade and snatched the title of “Porkopolis”. At that time the newspaper in Cincinnati published the phrase about Chicago.


Cincinnati Red Stockings were the champions of baseball. Chicago came up as a rival team and named it White Stockings. White Stockings defeated the Red Stockings and proved themselves better in sports. Again the issue of hosting Columbian sports became very critical. Chicago successfully hosted the games. Their superiority was again

Windy City Another Name of Chicago

            Do you know, why is Chicago Called the windy city? People think that the winds in the city are the reason. They think that the storms make Chicago the windy city. It seems true if you don’t know the truth. People believe because they consider the term appears. They relate the term with winds. But very few know that the windy city is famous for the storms inside the people of Chicago. Those storms are the real strength of the city. Those storms built the city and raised it to the sky.


            The term Windy City is used metaphorically. Windy doesn’t mean that wind is blowing in the city. The term is used to declare that the one is moving like a wind. When the wind blows, no one can stop it. If some kind ho hurdle appears the wind makes its own path. The same happened with Chicago. Critics observed that the people of Chicago have decided and they will not stop. They realized that no one can stop them or interrupt them. Whatever the challenges they faced, they didn’t bother and kept moving. They remained consistent.

Criticism Became a Figure of Speech

            Critics had never thought that why is Chicago called the windy city. The term was used in the flow of expression. One day the term became a figure of speech. Now the impact of those words can be seen in the true sense. The people of Chicago didn’t declare themselves the windy city. The people of Chicago imparted their role and the criticism became an honor for them. It is proved that the city is not the windiest.

Chicago proved itself in each field. They worked hard. Their efforts were fruitful. They achieved success. Their determination made things possible. They defeated the rivals either Cincinnati or New York. They proved themselves that they are the best. The city was developed by them. The city is a beautiful and peaceful place to live. People from other cities moved to Chicago for better opportunities. Chicago proved that Chicago is the best place to live.

            It is crystal clear now that why is Chicago called the windy city.  They were good at architecture. The people of Chicago maintain the beauty of the city. They raised themselves like the air. Today, we see Chicago as a successful and beautiful city. The city deserves praise and people are role models for others. If you observe the history of Chicago you can better understand the situation.

As the air gets hot it moves upward. So were the people of Chicago. They work hard and their desperation uplifted the success. Critics called the Chicago Windy City. That criticism was highlighting their speed towards success. The efforts and their passions were the heat and speed towards success were like a storm. The windy city was raising itself like rising hot wind. The fact is that the phrase became a figure of speech.

Best at Trade and Sports

 The term used is still not clear to everyone. People recognized them and the city became famous. The people of Chicago were best in trade and contributed to the economy of the United States. They grasp the best politics. They were excellent in sports. The passion of the people of Chicago made them proud.

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