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In this article, we will tell you about Alex Trebek net worth, his early life, biography, career, and relationship status. Alex Trebek is a famous American host who is specifically popular for hosting game shows. He is a Canadian-born celebrity who afterwards shifted to America. Unfortunately, Alex Trebek is not a life and he died in 2020 at the age of 80 years.

The turning point in his career was the release of his show named Jeopardy.  He was the host of this show from 1984 till his death. The cause of his death was pancreatic cancer. If we talk about Alex Trebek net worth, he had almost 75 million dollars of net worth. If we talk about his monthly salary, it was around 18 million dollars.

Alex Trebek Net Worth, Profession, Bio, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend

Alex Trebek Net Worth:

Alex Trebek net worth is estimated to be around 75 million dollars. His major source of income was television and hosting. Apart from this he also earned a handsome amount from paid promotions and sponsorships. If you talk about his monthly income he earned almost 18 million dollars in a month which is quite enough to rank him on the list of richest hosts in America.

He also earned a handsome amount from his show Jeopardy. He took almost $78000 for each episode of this show. He had also remained associated with the real estate business and the sale and purchase of properties. He purchased a beautiful mansion in 1991 at a price of 2.1 million dollars. This house was sold at a price of 7 million dollars by his widow in 2022 which gave them a profit of almost 5 million dollars. After the death of Alex Trebek his daughter Emily is looking after his real estate business.

Early Life of Alex Trebek:

Alex Trebek was born in Ontario Canada on 22nd July 1940. His real name is George Alexander Trebek.  If we talk about his parents the name of his father was George Edward Trebek who was from Ukraine and the name of his mother was Lucille Legace who was from Ontario. An interesting fact about Alex Trebek is that he can speak both French and English.

If we talk about his education he completed his schooling education from Sudbury High School. After completing his schooling education he took admitted to the University of Ottawa. He completed his education at the University of Ottawa in 1961 by pursuing a degree in Philosophy. Soon after completing his education, he started his career as a television broadcaster.

How Alex Trebek started his career:

Although Alex Trebek is not alive today he has earned a lot of success and pain in his career as a host and businessman. So now we will tell you how Alex Trebek started his career. He completed his degree in philosophy from the University of Ottawa. After completing his degree he started his career as a television broadcaster in 1961 by joining the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC.

He started his career by working on both television and radio and by announcing different news and events on television and radio. He was basically an announcer at the start of his career.  Then he moved to host. In 1963 Alex Trebek for the first time hosted a music program named Music Hop. Then he was in the classical music program for almost 3 years from 1967 to 1970.

After spending some time in his early career in Canada he moved to the United States of America in 1974. The first job he did in the United States of America was hosting a game show name The Wizards of Odds. Then he hosted a famous show for almost six months named Battle Stars. The turning point in his career was the release of his show named Jeopardy.

This show was so successful that it earned 33 Emmy awards. If we talk about his monthly salary from this show, it was almost 18 million dollars. He is also famous for his philanthropic nature and donations to needy people. For the purpose of philanthropy, he donated almost 74 acres of land in 1998 to a charity organization named Santa Monica Conservancy.

Who is the girlfriend of Alex Trebek:

Whenever we talk about our favourite personalities the first question that comes to our mind is their relationship status. So now we will tell you who is girlfriend of Alex Trebek? He married a businesswoman named Elaine Callie in 1974. Unfortunately, their relationship could not succeed for more than 7 years and they decided to part ways in 1981.

They do not have any children from their relationship. After his divorce from Elaine, he married a real estate agent named Jean Currivan in 1990. Alex Trebek and Jean are parents to two beautiful children. He got citizenship in the United States of America in 1998. Apart from these two women, Alex Trebek had not been seen dating any other girl until his death.

What is the age of Alex Trebek:

Now we will tell you what is the age of Alex Trebek? Alex Trebek was born on 22nd July 1940 in Ontario Canada. Unfortunately, he could not survive the battle with pancreatic cancer and he died in 2020. His age at the time of his death was almost 80 years.

Physique and appearance of Alex Trebek:

Alex Trebek had a charming and funky personality. If we talk about his height he was almost 5 feet and 11 inches tall while his weight was around 85 kg. The colour of his eyes was black and his hair colour was also black. If we talk about the sexual orientation of Alex Trebek he was a straight guy and was only interested in women.

What is the real name of Alex Trebek:

Most artists and celebrities keep their nicknames for the ease of their careers. So now we will tell you what is the real name of Alex Trebek?  The real name of Alex Trebek is George Edward Trebek.

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