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When you’re looking for a pavilion, knowing where to start can be difficult. Given how many people dream of having the perfect pavilion, the idea of sitting down and building a plan for your preferred pavilion setup can be overwhelming. Thankfully, with the right guidance, doing so can be a breeze. For those that are ready to finally install a quality pavilion in their backyard, here is the ultimate guide to choosing a pavilion for your backyard: 

What Pavilion Style Speaks to You? 

Before anything else, you’ll need to determine what type and style of pavilion is your preference. There are different benefits to each one, but many of the styles and types are still highly customizable. There are four primary pavilion styles you should be aware of: traditional, grand estate, alpine, and Hampton pavilions. Each of these can be made using different materials as well, but for our money, timber frame pavilions are some of the most beautiful, durable, and easy-to-maintain pavilions that money can buy. Especially if you’re going for a “classic” pavilion look, this is the way to go, and the ease of customizing timber pavilions makes them that much more attractive to most buyers looking to invest in a quality pavilion. 

What Will You Be Using Your Pavilion For? 

As you decide what type and style of pavilion you want, you’ll need to ask yourself another important question: what will I be using my pavilion for? Some people simply want a nice covered space to enjoy an outdoor breeze, while others want a looking area for family gatherings. Others might want a pavilion decked out with A/V features that will allow them to host movie nights or even a concert event. By knowing what you want to use your pavilion for, you can begin cutting down on the potential types, styles, and materials that will be associated with your dream pavilion. Sit back, relax, and think over what your pavilion dreams entail and you’ll be able to knock out this step in no time at all. By getting the perfect pavilion, you will make your home’s amazing front porch look that much more snazzy as well! 

What Size Pavillion Does Your Space Require? 

While this step seems simple at first, it’s often more complicated than you would expect. You need to have a pavilion that’s not so large that it completely crowds your space, after all, or it will not feel like the comfortable getaway that you’re dreaming of. That being said, you want there to be ample space inside of your pavilion, so that you can enjoy the features packed into it to the fullest. There are almost certainly plenty of pavilions in your area if you look hard enough, and going to see them in person can sometimes be the best way to truly visualize how much space your pavilion will need. If you’re still unsure about the amount of space your pavilion needs, it can be useful to consult with the company that you’re contracting to make your dream pavilion a reality. 

Why Should You Invest in a Timber Frame Pavilion? 

Not only are timber frame pavilions the classic choice, but they add beauty and grace to the project that’s hard to beat with any other material. For those who want a pavilion that will make them feel as though they’re living their best, most elegant life, going with a timber frame is a necessity. The cost-friendly nature of timber pavilions makes them that much more of a fantastic investment for those looking to finally own their dream pavilion. 

Other Important Features You Should Consider 

There are so many amazing features you can pack into a pavilion with the right contractor. If you want to consider features that will allow you to host, relax, and BBQ to your heart’s content, you should consider these ten amazing add-on features that will take your dream pavilion to the next level: 

  1. A/V Setups
  2. Built-In Storage Spaces
  3. Comfortable Lighting 
  4. Privacy Screens
  5. A Fireplace 
  6. Outdoor Furniture 
  7. Ceiling Fans
  8. An Outdoor Kitchen
  9. Sunshades
  10. Wi-Fi Access 

Unlock Your Dream Pavilion Today

By sitting down with your local custom pavilion builders, you can finally make your dream pavilion a reality. The amount of joy, relaxation, and thrills you’ll get from your pavilion will be difficult to overstate, so the quality investment is one that you’ll be proud of for decades to come. Your friends, family members, and neighbors will all be thrilled to hear you’re finally making the jump and getting your very own outdoor pavilion. 

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