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The population of Charleston, South Carolina, is rapidly increasing. Charleston is a city in US State, South Carolina. It is known as the “Holy City”. The city is situated on a peninsula between the estuaries of the Ashley and Cooper rivers. It was established in 1,670 by English colonists. Charleston is on the west bank of the Ashley River. It was established as Charles Town at that time in the honor of King Charles II. With the passage of time, Charles Town became Charleston. The city is well known for its cobblestone streets. And, it is also famous for its antebellum architecture. The city has a major port on Atlantic Coast.

What is the Current Population of Charleston South Carolina


The area of the city is 135.10 square miles. The dryland of the state is 114.76 square miles 20.34 square miles is water. The city is very beautiful and fascinates all the visitors. The city has architectural wonders as well. Charleston is a great place for tourists. The weather is always favorable throughout the year. You will have too many activities as recreation. Charleston is a historic city. Heyward Washington House (1772) is an ancient building. Also, Joseph Manigault House (1803) is a masterpiece of the early 19th Century. Dock Street Theater (1736) is also a historic building in Charleston.

The population of Charleston, South Carolina is civilized enough. The city is a center of culture. Charleston Library Society (1748), Carolina Art Association (1858), and the South Carolina Historical Society represent the culture of the city. The city has 14 colleges and universities. The Citadel is one of the nation’s top military institutions. Its climate is humid and subtropical. The poverty rate of Charleston is 14.6%. The crime rate of the city is low. So, Charleston is one of the best places to live.

Population of Charleston South Carolina

The population of Charleston, South Carolina is 140,476 as per the census report 2020. Charleston is the largest city in South Carolina. The population of the city is increasing gradually. This increase in population is comparatively greater than in other cities. The population is the primary factor that makes places valuable. However, Charleston is an expensive place to live. It is the most populated city in the state. Charleston was the leading city of the state from the beginning. So, the city imparted a very important role to uplift the economy of the state.

Charleston South Carolina

Rapidly Growing Population

The population of Charleston, South Carolina, is growing rapidly which is obviously representing its growing economy. The city is providing life standards to its citizens. That is why the people are attracted towards the city to live a better life. Better health and education facilities are the top priorities of society. So, better business opportunities fascinate the investor. And job opportunities attract job seekers in and outside the city. Both the natural and artificial resources have helped the city to attain this position.  People of the city have put their best to positively utilize the resources.

Employment Opportunities in Charleston South Carolina

The population of Charleston, South Carolina has great opportunities. Employment opportunities are the real stimulus for the increase or decrease of the population of an area. Agricultural products of the city have made it financially strong. The city remained important from the very beginning. So, the major exports of the city were rice and sea island cotton. The civil war destroyed the regional control of the city. Wars are always unpleasant for any country and nation and Charleston faced it too. In the modern era, the city has attained the position again. The current attire is all because of the responsible citizens of the state.

So, the population of Charleston, South Carolina is having a quality education. Education is the backbone of the economy. The city has attained a remarkable position in science and technology. Especially the advancement in the medical field is appreciable. A business-friendly environment attracts investors and drags the workers/job seekers. Harbor is also a blessing for a state and its citizens.

It provides great opportunities to its citizens. Coastal areas of a country or state are also a blessing. These areas provide numerous opportunities to the people. The natural beauty of the city contributes a lot to attract tourists. So, All these factors affect the population of a city.

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