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Here is the detail about Everything to Know About the Whitaker Family & When the Whitaker Family got the Spotlight? This family is among the inbred family in the USA. Every member is connected. An inbred family means that the close family members are ancestors. But the records and data show that the partners were close cousins, not brothers and sisters. It is the fact that the Whitaker are closely related to one another biologically and genetically.

So now it’s possible to retrace and to find the history of the family. This family is not very extroverted and uncommunicative. The family is sheltered by society. So it’s very difficult to recollect and trace the history of the family. They don’t like being invaded by any outside person.

When the Whitaker Family got the Spotlight

When the Whitaker Family got the Spotlight?

In 2020 a horror video went viral. A channel named Soft White Underbelly played the video on the channel. After his incident, everyone is shocked at what has happened to the family. This incident put a spotlight on the celebrity for a very long time.

Everything to Know About the Whitaker Family:

The Whitakers family is also involved in the life of one of the largest islands of the Mediterranean sea, Sicily. Benjamin Ingham is responsible for The Whitakers family’s income and wealth. Benjamin Ingham left his fortune for his nephews William Whitaker and Joseph Whicker.

They all worked hard for the well-being of their future generations. They build a church for worship. This shows respect and love toward their religion. The Whitakers family are residents of Odd, West Virginia. The family is a very famous inbred family in the United States of America. There are several reasons for the family to become famous.

They become famous when a photographer Mark Laita took photos of them in 2004 for his publication Created Equal 2004. After that, the pictures went viral. People were curious to know about the health status of the family.

Name The Whitakers
Father John Whitaker
Place of Residence Odd, West Virginia
Video Uploaded By Soft White Underbelly
Date 4th July 2020
Family Members Lorraine, Ray, Timmy
Video Uploaded By Mark Latia

The Reaction of their Neighbors:

When the pictures went viral the neighbors gave a very aggressive reaction to Mark Laita. They threatened him when he tried to capture and photographed the Whitaker Family. They allowed him to be photographed when he gave them a reason. He explained that. From this, we can conclude that they were very secure in the lands of Odd, West Virginia.

Film on the Whitakers Family:

Then in 2020 Mark Latia again visited Odd, West Virginia. This time he went to shoot a movie on the Whittaker family. The video did good business and went viral. He named the movie “Inbred Family”. The Whitakers family and the film had collected more than 20 million views and more than 2 lakh likes. Many people over 12000 discouraged the video.

The Plot of the Film:

The video starts with the appearance of the family members. It shows a British old family that is resident of a small town in the Appalachian area. They worked on the farm of their father. They live in a small house with their dogs. And They worked hard for their survival and living.

Whittaker Family Members:

There are only now three siblings and a cousin. Their names are Ray, Timmy, Freddie, and Lorraine. They also have a sister who doesn’t have any name. There are also more family members whose identity is still veiled and not addressed.

Mental & Physical Defects:

When Mark visited the Family in 2020, he interacted with the all siblings Lorraine, Timmy, and Ray. They were unable to answer properly because of their mental disorder. According to the information of Discover Magazine, inbred children and family members have some lung malfunctions and reduced brain functioning. They are also at risk of genetic disorders and illness.

No physician or medical professional went to Whitaker Family for examining the family members. Many people believe that this is a genetic disorder that came from stem cells. Mark Laita said that the people that are shown in the video are brothers, sisters, and a cousin. He said that there is no way of confirming whether the parents of these siblings are relevant to one another or not. Ne further said that this is very common in this part of the country.

The Whicker family is one of the extraordinary cases he has seen so far. Moreover, not 100% but partly inbreeding is the reason for the mental and physical disorders of the family members. The Whitakers Family is a very captivating mystery that no one can solve and find the reasons for. We can just sit and guess until the family opens up about their history by themselves. He also warns people to stay away from the Whitaker Family because whenever anyone tries to intervene the family members and especially neighbors mind this thing and don’t welcome such behavior. 

Public Donations to the Whitakers Family:

Mark Laita had also started fundraising programs for the family. He also financially helped the family by various means. This helped the family to improve their living conditions.

From the funds that are collected, they renovated their house. They had modern-designed cabinets and they had a roof. They had a new bike and a pickup truck. And They had a new cabin adjacent to their old house.

The family admitted their quality of life also enhanced and improved. Mark also showed the fully stocked refrigerator and Said that 30 thousand dollars can do a lot for any family.

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