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In this article, we will tell you where to watch Rocketman Netflix, its story, cast, and release date. Rocketman is a famous drama film which narrates the story of British musician Elton John. The director of this movie is Dexter Fletcher and the writer of this movie is Lee hall. The story narrates the early life of Elton John which was spent in the Royal Academy of Music in England. The movie is available on Netflix but only for specific countries.

If you want to watch it online you will have to use VPN if you are country is not listed on Netflix’s geolocation list. The movie features a multi-talented cast including Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, and Richard Madden. This movie premiered on 16th May 2019 at an event at Cannes Film Festival. The theatrical premiere of the movie was released in the United States of America on 31st March 2019 and in the United Kingdom on 22nd May 2019.

Rocketman Netflix Story, Cast, Release Date, Netflix Subscription

Rocketman Netflix:

Rocketman is available on Netflix but only for some specific countries like Canada and United Kingdom. If you belong to any other country you will not be able to get access to watch rocketman on Netflix. To watch it on Netflix you will have to follow some specific steps by using VPN. These steps will be discussed in the coming paragraph.

The best VPN which can be used to watch rocketman on Netflix is Expressvpn which allows you to get access for watching movies online to almost 60 plus countries in the world. Moreover, its subscription charges are also very reasonable. The steps required for watching it on Netflix will be discussed in detail along with the information of IP address.

Why We can’t watch Rocketman on Netflix?

If you belong to a country other than Canada and United Kingdom you will not be able to get access to watch rocketman on Netflix. The reason behind this restriction is the geo-blocking software of Netflix which restricts users from different countries from getting access to watch movies online on Netflix.

You do not have to worry about this restriction because there are some steps which can be followed to watch rocketman on Netflix by using VPN. You simply need to change your location and IP address in order to get access to watching your favourite movies. The IP addresses of England and Canada can be used for this purpose.

How to watch Rocketman on Netflix?

Currently, the rocketman movie is available on Netflix only for the people of Canada and the United Kingdom. If you belong to any other country you will have to follow some specific steps to watch it by using VPN. Using VPN is a technique by which you change your location to any other country which is allowed to stream online on Netflix. Some VPNs which are recommended for watching Rocketman on Netflix are NordVPN and Expressvpn.

You just need to download your Express VPN or NordVPN from the store. Now you will provide your credentials and set the IP address of the United Kingdom or Canada. You will have to pay for a subscription to VPN. After the successful payment, you will be able to get access to watch rocketman on Netflix without any restriction.

What is the cast of Rocketman?

The cast of rocketman is full of many multi-talented actors. The role of Elton John was played by Taron Egerton. The role of Burmie Taupin was played by Jamie Bell. John Reid was played by Richard madden. The role of Shila Dwight was played by Bryce Dallas Howard. Elton’s grandmother was played by Jema Jones. The role of dick James was played by Stephen Graham. Ray Williams was played by Charlie Rowe. Moreover, the director of the movie is Dexter Fletcher and the writer of the movie is Lee hall.

What is the plot of Rocketman?

The plot of rocketman is very interesting. The story of this movie revolves around the main character named Elton John. Elton started working in the music industry with Dick James who is the owner of DJM records. John Elton started working under the management of Ray Williams who introduced him to Bernie Taupin who is a lyrics specialist. Elton and Bernie became friends and started making songs together.  He faced some difficulties when he revealed that he is a homosexual guy.

After that Elton and Bernie along with Elton’s grandmother and his mother moved to another place to continue their writing and creation of music. One day Elton was at a party along with Bernie and he was much disappointed when Bernie ignored him to spend some time with a woman. At that party, Elton met John Ried and the start of his new music career initiated there. This was the start of his abuse at the hands of John Ried who became his music manager. The end of the movie narrates the rehabilitation process of Elton as he became a drug addict and sexual abuse victim.

Which VPN is best for Rocketman?

The two VPNs which we will recommend to you for watching rocketman on Netflix are Express VPN and Nord VPN. The Nord VPN is offering a 70% discount to its users. Moreover, Expressvpn charges a very reasonable amount for its subscription and if you take a yearly plan you will get a huge discount. Moreover, Express VPN is also providing a 30-day money-back guarantee which makes it a risk-free opportunity.

Is Rocketman on HBO max?

Rocketman is currently not available on HBO Max but it can be accessed on Amazon Prime. You can watch it on Amazon prime on your phone, laptop, smart TV, or computer. Furthermore, you can also enjoy it watching on Amazon watch party. Apart from that the movie is also available on Netflix but only for Canada and the United Kingdom and if you belong to any other country you will have to follow some steps by using VPN to watch Rocketman on Netflix.

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