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In this article, we will be talking about What is the story of the Kirra Hart Attack and Update. Along with that, we will talk about early life and much more. In this article, we will be talking about Kirra Hart who is a 14-year Australian girl. She was attacked by 3 girls in March on 16th March.

What is the story of the Kirra Hart Attack and Update

What is the story of the Kirra Hart Attack?

Once a video went viral on social media where a girl was seen beaten by the 3 girls. Kirra Hart is a 14-year-old from Australia. From the reports, She was with her school friends when she was beaten up by her friends. She went to the house of her friend where she was physically accused by her friend. In addition to that the name of her are Rhynisha Grech, Shanaya Grech, and Chloe Denman. Those 3 girls stabbed her with the knife, punched and slapped her. During that, those girls recorded the whole scene and made fun of the girl

After the whole incident happen, she got a lot of injuries and bruises. The whole incident was so tragic that she went through different surgeries. When her family found her, she was in very bad condition. There was blood all around her body. Her body parts were broken, injured, and swollen. When the video went viral on the internet, people around the world showed their sympathies. A campaign was initiated by her mother with the title “GoFundMe”. After the campaign was initiated, the worth 74000 dollars was collected for her recovery and treatment.

Abusers’ and Attackers’ Information:

The attackers and abusers used to call themselves her friend. The name of the girls was Rhynisha Grech, Shanaya Grech, and Chloe Denman. The 3 girls are the friends of Kirra Hart and were all of the same age. The girls called her to a house in one of the towns of Queensland. The 3 girls locked her in a room. According to the information, the girls called her for the sleepover. In the house, they tortured her and beat her heartlessly. During the torture, they also recorded the video on their mobile phone.

In this video, it is seen that she is in bad condition and badly abused physically. She was stabbed with the knife brutally and heartlessly. They even mocked her and make fun of her. One of the girls also posted the stories and pictures on Instagram and other social media accounts with the caption

“Basically just Tortured Someone” and “funny as f*ck”.

When it was asked why they did that torture to the girl the answer was unclear. According to the source, it was said they did that because of jealousy or just for fun. The accusers were arrested by the forces and also charged with fines. Right now they are under investigation and trails.

On the page, she wrote about the condition of her daughter. She wrote that she is also very grateful to everyone who supported her in this tough time. She added that all the donations and prayers were very beneficial for her. It was a very kind gesture from everyone. Thus she was very overwhelmed at this point.

Early Life:

Now we will be talking about her early life. Her name is Kirra Hart. She is 14 years who was born in 2009. Furthermore, she took birth in one of the cities of Australia that is Queensland. Her mother’s name is Kristen Hart while her father’s name is Mr. Hart. Along with that, she has a younger brother.

Education and Religion:

She has got an education from one of the local schools in Australia. Furthermore, she went to Elanora State High School. She has done BS from the Queensland University of Technology. She follows Christianity.

Physical Appearance and Age:

She was born in 2009 so according to that she is 14 years old. Furthermore, she has a good physical appearance and attractive personality. She is 5 feet and 2 inches tall and weighs about 49 kg. Her hair color is blonde and she has blue eye color. She maintains her physique and eats healthy food.

Recent Updates:

According to the information collected, she had many bruises and injuries on her body and face. Her body bones also got fractured due to severe physical abuse.

After the attack, she also underwent many surgeries on 18th March 2023. When She was admitted to the hospital on the same day and discharged from the hospital on 21st March. Her family is supporting her for a speedy recovery.


  • Kirra Hart is a 14 year who was attacked by her friends.
  • She is 5 feet 2 inches tall
  • Her weight is 49 kg.
  • She went to the Queensland University of Technology.
  • Her hair color is blonde and her blue eye color

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is Kirra Hart?

Ans. She is a 14 years old girl who was attacked by her class fellows from her college.

2. What is the age of Kirra Hart?

Ans. She is a 14-year-old girl.

3. What is the height of Kirra Hart?

Ans. She is 5 feet and 2 inches tall.

4. Who attacked Kirra Hart?

Ans. She was attacked and physically tortured by her so-called friends.


In this article, we have discussed the biography of Kirra Hart who is 14 years old girl. She was attacked by her class fellows in Queensland. She was heartlessly beaten by her class fellow. Several surgeries are done and also donations are also collected Along with that we have also talked about early life, physical appearance, educational information, religion, and much more.

In addition to that the information related to the attack that was made on her. Along with that we also have answered the frequently asked questions. Read the whole article for more details.

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