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In this article, we will tell you about the major differences between Paramount plus vs Peacock. With the advancement of technology, a huge surge has been observed in the popularity of online streaming. Streaming services have been growing rapidly with the increase in internet users. The two leading platforms of online streaming are Paramount and Peacock. Both of these platforms provide a wide variety of content but still, they have a lot of differences.

Their differences range from subscription charges to content selection and features. Before getting to the next paragraph we will tell you that peacock can be used for free but Paramount plus does not provide its services for free. Moreover, we will also tell you which one is better than the other.

Paramount Plus vs Peacock Cost Comparison, Support, Ads

Paramount plus vs peacock: Cost comparison

First, we will tell you about the cost comparison between Paramount Plus vs Peacock. The streaming services of peacock are entirely free and it offers 7500 hours of programming. It offers the excess of various famous movies and series to its users. It also features various Channels like family movie night and Olympic profiles. Its free subscription also features live matches of NFL games and the Tokyo Olympics. On the other hand, if we will talk about the cost planning of peacock premium it charges 4.9 dollars per month.

The annual charges of peacock premium are $49. The premium package has 20000+ hours of content. The charges of peacock premium plus are $9 per month or $99 per year. On the other hand, Paramount does not offer any free subscription, and its Paramount plus essential plan starts from 4.9 dollars per month and $49 per year. From this Paramount plus essential plan, you can watch 30000 plus episodes including whole-day news with CBSN.

What are Paramount Plus and Peacock TV?

Previously there were different online streaming platforms like CBS. We can say that Paramount Plus is the new and updated version of CBS. It can also be considered a strong competitor of different channels like Netflix, Disney, HBO, and Discovery. The channel was launched in March 2021.

It provides a variety of content to its users through a single subscription. On the other hand, if we talk about peacock TV, it can be considered the new version of NBC universal. It competes in the media industry with several channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, and HBO. An interesting fact about peacock TV is that it also provides free services to its users.

What is the difference between Paramount Plus and Peacock TV?

Although Paramount Plus and Peacock are both online streaming platforms but they still have a lot of differences in their subscription plans, content selection, advertisement, and offline viewing. Some of the differences of Paramount Plus and Peacock will be discussed in the coming paragraphs.

Device Support Comparison

Now we will tell you about the device support comparison between Peacock and Paramount Plus. Peacock is available for various streaming platforms like Apple TV, Google Android TV, Microsoft Xbox, and iOS mobile devices. On the other hand, the Paramount Plus is accessible on Apple TV, Xbox, Samsung TV, Android TV, Amazon fire TV, and LG TV.

Content Comparison

In terms of content selection, peacock offers a variety of movies and TV shows. The number of episodes and watch hours are more in the premium package plan in comparison to the basic plan. Some famous shows which can be watched on peacock include 99 Downtown, Modern Family, the office, Parks and Recreation, and Chicago fire. On the other hand, Paramount Plus offers Comedy Central, entertainment tonight, Smithsonian Channel, and MTV.

Originals Comparison

In terms of originals, the peacock offers a variety of content like drama, comedy, reality shows, International distribution films, and documentaries. Some famous original movies of peacock include Halloween Kills, intelligent, Brave New World, and the public noughts. On the other hand, Paramount plus offers why women kill, the stand, the good fight, the real criminal mind, and many more.

Sports Comparison

Paramount plus and Peacock are also different in terms of sports. The free package of peacock offers various sports like open championships, US Open championships, and Olympic coverage. If you get the paid subscription of peacock you will enjoy NHL, NFL, and premier league matches. On the other hand, if you are a user of Paramount plus you will be able to enjoy premier league matches, WWE, NFL games, and European leagues.

Ads Comparison

They both are also different in terms of advertisements. If you are using the basic package of a peacock which is free you will have to see advertisements. But if you opt for a premium package of peacock you will get rid of the advertisements. On the other hand, if you are a user of Paramount plus you will have to upgrade your subscription to 9 Dollars if you want to get rid of the advertisements.

Offline Viewing

Now we will tell you about the comparison of Paramount Plus and peacock in terms of offline viewing. Both Paramount Plus and Peacock can download content for offline viewing. To download content from peacock you need to subscribe premium package of a peacock. The same is the case with Paramount plus and you have to subscribe to the premium package to download the videos. It has also been reported that not all the movies available on the platforms are available for download. So in case of any inconvenience you have to change your choice.

Which is better Paramount Plus or Peacock?

Both peacock and Paramount plus have their own pros and cons. One advantage of peacock is that it offers a free package to its users, which is a basic package. On the other hand, one advantage of Paramount Plus is it offers a great selection of movies and sports. You can choose any one of them according to your preference. In our opinion, Paramount Plus is somehow better than Peacock.

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