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In this article we will tell you about the most viewed TikTok videos which have now become the sensation on TikTok and social media. TikTok is a social media entertainment platform which has provided huge opportunity of enjoyment and entertainment to its users.  Currently there are billions of tiktokers who upload their daily routine videos and talent skills on this platform and gather a huge fan following. Due to the increasing social media awareness among masses it has become quite easier to get fan following and engage the fans accordingly.

Some people make funny videos by others are interested in songs and dancing videos. There is also ample opportunity for tiktokers who post awareness posts on the Tiktok platform. The viewership and capacity to get viral depends on the quality and content of that video. Some of the most beautiful doctors include Zach king, Khabe lame, Billie, and many more. So keep reading this article to get in detail information about the best videos on Tiktok as we will be providing you the list of 6 most viewed TikToks.

Most Viewed TikTok Videos in the World

Most Viewed TikTok Videos:

Magic ride of Zach King – Top viewed tiktok:

Zach King has become the king of tiktok due to his multitalented content he posts on tiktok. His editing skills are up to the mark that leaves his fans astonished. He is one of the finest tiktoker who posts edited videos in which different tricks are used to amuse fans.

His video in which he depicted his appearance as Harry Porter is now on number one due to the grabbing most views on tiktok. In the video Zach King can be seen sitting on a flying stick and pretending to be Harry Porter. The video got more than 2.2 billion views on tiktok making it the most viewed tiktok in the world.

James Charles sister party:

James Charles is famous for her make-up content and tutorials which she posts on tiktok. Her make-up tutorials are followed all across the world. Moreover she is also a beauty diva and her content has always been amazing. Surprising the video of James Charles that went viral in 2019 is not about make-up. It is instead related to the Christmas party which they organized in 2019. In the video you can see the amazing transition effects from one scene to other which got a huge viewership of more than 1.7 billion.

Zach King’s hiding spots:

Zach King’s content comes again at number on the list of most viewed tiktoks. In this video he is seen doing hide and seek with his friends and the content features a lot of mind blowing scenes. The most amazing scene in the video is Zach King walking through the mirror magically. His editing skills and the editing level he displays in his videos has earned billions of views for him. This video has achieved a mile stone of 1.1 billion views that is why it ranks at number 3.

Cake and glass illusion by Zach King:

Amazingly the fourth slot in the list of most viewed tikitok videos also belongs to the content of Zach King who is also holding the record of having most number of videos in the list of most viewed videos on tiktok. This video on number three is basically a display of illusion in which Zach is seen putting water in a glass.

This was just an illusion an in reality he was putting water in a glass like cake. Fans are surprised to see the full of talent content of Zach and most fans watch the videos twice. This video of Zach King got 966 million views.

Lip-Syncing video of Bella Porch:

Bella Porch is a beautiful tiktoker from Philippines who is mostly seen doing lip syncing videos on tiktok. The video that went viral features a lip syncing on a viral Millie B song. This video got more than 683 million views on tiktok. Other videos of Bella Porch are also viral on the tiktok but this lip syncing on Millie B song display a beautiful rhythm of acting and entertainment.

Zach King’s wet wall illusion:

The video at number six is again of Zach King in which he is again seen doing illusion content amusing his fans with his amazingly edited video. In the video he can be seen painting the wall but the painting is done in such a way that you can’t differentiate it from a passage way.

The video surprisingly got 659 million views. Most of the videos of Zach King are related to amazing illusions featuring the content which resemble different other things. For instance in this video Zach King’s painting on the wall is so dramatic. It looks like a road having the passage way prints on it and one can’t say it a wall painting.

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