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In the following article, you will be getting the complete information regarding Marcia Harvey net worth, biography, career details, marriage, and children. Marcia Harvey is a famous book writer from America. She is also the ex-wife of a very famous personality, Steve Harvey. She was born on 22nd January 1955 in Cleveland. Marcia Harvey is a great businesswoman and also a great entrepreneur who works well in the United States.

She used to live a very private life but after her marriage with Steve Harvey, she got much fame and popularity. Now they both are divorced and living their life peacefully. Steve Harvey is the ex-husband of Marcia Harvey. He was a very famous producer and actor mainly. Marcia Harvey has her popularity in the business field. She has also written many books.

Marcia Harvey Net Worth, Bio, Family, Ex-Husband, Age, Career

Marcia Harvey Net Worth:

Marcia Harvey has a net worth of about Dollar 1 million as of 2023. It has been estimated by very well-known resources. She is a very famous author from America. She is also known for being the ex-wife of a very well-known comedian Steve Harvey. Her main source of income is her writing career. She has made all this money through her book publications. She is also a great producer.

So her main sources of income include an author and a producer. She also earns from her businesses. Now she is a great lady with an amazing business mind. Marcia Harvey gets Dollar 1 million as her net worth. She is expected to experience an increase in her net worth because of a good business and writing career.

Marcia Harvey Marriage Details:

Marcia Harvey got married to Steve Harvey. They both get married in 1980. Steve Harvey’s first wife was Marcia Harvey. While now she is his ex-wife of him. When they both got married Steve Harvey was not popular. They both met at a party and start dating each other. After some years both of them tied the knot and announce their marriage. They both lived together for 14 years. But after that decided to separate. There was no definite reason for their divorce that was disclosed to the public.

There were reports that Steve Harvey change his career from working in an insurance company to stand-up comedy. Marcia Harvey did not like this work of Steve Harvey. Between both of them, many fights led to divorce. They got divorced in 1994. After that, Marcia Harvey got custody of t children. They all live with her happily today. Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey both are living happily and peacefully in their lives.

Marcia Harvey Ex-Husband:

Steve Harvey is the ex-husband of Marcia Harvey. He is a very famous American Television host. He is also a producer, actor, and stand-up comedian. Steve Harvey is known for his outstanding comedy and amazing works in the entertainment industry. He is associated with American television shows very well. Now he has become much more popular. He has a huge fan following in America as well as from all over the world. Many people love to watch his shows and comedy.

Marcia Harvey Children:

Marcia Harvey gives birth to three children. These three children were born with Steve Harvey. They had given birth to twin daughters. Their names are Brandy and Carly. They were born in 1982. Then in 1991, a baby boy was born in the family. His name was Broderick Harvey. Today her daughter Brandy is a great activist for women’s rights. She graduated from the American University.

She is also now the executive director of the Harvey Foundation. While the second daughter Carli Harvey is also a great mentor and a social speaker at the Harvey Foundation. She has also worked at Disney Dreamers Academy. Their son Broderick Harvey works with Steve Harvey in all their business projects. He also owns a very well-known clothing store.

Marcia Harvey Career Details:

She is a great author. She started writing from a very young age. Marcia Harvey was just 12 years old when she started her writing career. Marcia Harvey has also released many books. The first book that was published by her was known as Marcia’s Eyes to the Soul. The age of Marcia Harvey when she published this book was 56 years. She possesses great writing skills. Before her writing career, Marcia Harvey was associated with the sales representative job.

This job was done by her before her marriage. After her marriage, she left that job as a sales women and switch to the business line. After her first book was published, she again published another book after 3 years. Her book’s name was Marcia thoughts from my mind. Both books depict the situations and happenings around the life of Marcia Harvey. Now she is a very famous author and is earning good enough to make both ends meet. Marcia Harvey works as a great businesswoman today. She earns a good amount of money from her clothing business.


Marcia Harvey is a very hard-working lady. She was known because of her ex-husband. Her ex-husband’s name was Steve Harvey. She lives happily now with her three children. She is now earning mainly from publishing books and doing her business. Marcia Harvey is living a good life with a good income. There are different sources of income. But the main is her authorship.

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