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Here is the detail of Kardea Brown Age, Biography, Net Worth, Career, Weight, Height, and much more. Kardea Brown is renowned for her mouthwatering meals and culinary prowess. She is a renowned American caterer and chef. She became well-known on television as the host of the Food Network program Delicious Miss Brown.

Since its 2019 debut, her show has attracted more than 3.5 million views, averaging 1 million viewers each episode. Amazingly, she continues to remain popular in her sixth season, which started in 2022.

Kardea Brown Age, Biography, Net Worth, Career, Weight, Height

Kardea Brown Age:

She is of Gullah ancestry and was born on November 16, 1987, in Charleston, South Carolina. Kardea’s dedication to physical health and self-care has grown into a pillar of her life at the age of 35. Krdea Brown has diligently maintained her physical fitness, which is why appears younger than her actual age. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 96 kg (211 lbs). Kardea Brown comes from a Christian household and describes herself as a Christian. Mr. Brown is her father, and Mrs. Brown is her mother. She graduated with a degree in psychology.

The actual net worth is impossible to determine because it is so remarkable. Her estimated net worth is in the range of $800,000 and $5 million. Her yearly income is projected to be $12 million and her compensation is around $98.670 million.


Wadmalaw Island is the home of Kardea Brown’s grandmother, who is of Gullah origin. Bryon Smith will be her future spouse. Bryon Smith proposed to her on New Year’s, she said on her Instagram.

She announced on Instagram that Bryon Smith had proposed to her on New Year’s Eve 2023 and that the two of them would shortly be wed. Although he leads a solitary life, Kardea Brown has received his backing.

Career Details:

To realize her ambition of presenting her food program, the 35-year-old television personality undoubtedly made sacrifices. She made an irreplaceable sacrifice by accepting a job as a driver for a catering company at a wage of $7 per hour. Kardea Brown was first unsure of how to improve her cooking abilities when she was instructed to do so. But Brown was fully aware of her purpose and sufficiently driven to concentrate on a few important passions she had nurtured throughout her life, enabling the rest of her strategy will naturally develop around her.

Kardea Brown quit her position as a social worker in April 2015 to pursue her passion for cooking in front of cameras. The suits wanted her to improve her culinary abilities even though she had signed up to attend a pilot tryout. In 2015, she launched “New Gullah Supper Club,” a well-known supper club that served Gullah cuisine with a unique and popular touch at most events involving Gullah singers or storytellers.

Following that, she received an invitation from Food Network to host the Cupcake Championship show and join Bobby Flay. She thought that these proposals were appropriate for her because they agreed to that arrangement with Food Network in 2021 to launch her show.

The final owner of Hutchinson House on Edisto Island, which has a unique history of America connected to the civil war, was Brown’s great-great-great grandmother. That residence was built in 1885. It is the oldest surviving home on Edisto Island and was built by African Americans during the Reconstruction era.

Followers on Instagram for Kardea Brown:

In addition to being well-known on food-related television channels, Kardea Brown is also well-known on or familiar with social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, etc. She has a sizable fan base of 272K followers on Instagram and is following 1273 users. Her Instagram page has 5753 posts, indicating that she consistently shares content.

Unexpectedly, Instagram has now validated Kardea Brown’s account as a well-known American chef as evidenced by the presence of a verified badge next to her name. Her new recipes are the subjects of the majority of her postings, and the photographs she shares make her followers’ mouths wet.

Kardea Brown Facebook Followers:

Like other social media websites or platforms, Facebook is a highly popular place to find Kardea Brown. Only 33 people follow her out of her 130k followers. Additionally validated with a blue tick is her Facebook account. She created a chef-themed Facebook page, and it has five stars. Her most recent post indicated that she was a participant in the NAMIC Vision Award, and happily, she was named the award’s winner.

She shares videos and images of her delectable dishes with her fan base. Recent postings on her Instagram account include her and her fiancé, and they are sharing great moments with their devoted followers, who react so warmly to their tender times together.


Kardea Brown is a highly motivated and gifted chef, broadcaster, and social media influencer. She is incredibly dedicated to her work and is always enhancing her culinary abilities and presenting her program. She has given up a lot to earn this value in the hearts of millions of people.

Kardea Brown used to work for $7 an hour, but at the age of 35, she is an independent, well-known chef with a net worth ranging from $800,000 to $5 million. After signing a contract to work for a television network, “Delicious Miss Brown” has amassed millions of views on each episode and an average of 3.5 million viewers since its 2019 debut.

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