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In this article, we will tell you is Cicely Tyson related to Whitney Houston, how Cicely Tyson died, and other details about Cicely Tyson and Whitney Houston. So, keep reading this article if you are a fan of Cicely Tyson and Whitney Houston. Many celebrities attended the funeral of Cicely Tyson including Tyler Perry and Dionne Warwick. Some celebrities also share memories and beautiful pictures with Cicely Tyson has considered her as part of their family. She was close to various stars but was mostly seen with a famous singer named Whitney Houston.

She was not only close to Houston but also to her cousin named Warwick. That is why Warwick after the death of Cicely Tyson shared on a social media platform a picture with Tyson and mentioned that she was very dear to her. Therefore fans of Cicely Tyson are thinking that she was related to Whitney Houston. There are a lot of rumors circulating on social media that Cicely Tyson and Whitney Houston are biologically related to each other. How much truth is in this rumor will be discussed in this article?

Is Cicely Tyson Related to Whitney Houston

Is Cicely Tyson Related To Whitney Houston?

Due to the extreme closeness of Cicely Tyson with Whitney Houston, the fans started assuming that Cicely Tyson is related to Whitney Houston. She was not only close with Whitney Houston but she had amazing and close relations with other artists and actors. Moreover, she was close to Whitney Houston than other actors. She was not only close to Whitney Houston but also to her cousin whose name is Warwick. After the death of Cicely Tyson, Warwick shared a picture of her along with Cicely Tyson in which she mentioned that Cicely Tyson was very dear to her.

Sometimes they are assuming that Cicely Tyson was related to Whitney Houston but they do not share any relation or even they are not distant relatives. Moreover, she also had no relation with the first cousin of Whitney Houston named Warwick. No record has been found of any distant or close relationship between Cicely Tyson and Whitney Houston to us yet and there is no truth in the rumor. So any social media page or person spreading the news of the relationship between Cicely Tyson and Whitney Houston is just fake.

Cicely Tyson about her family:

Cicely Tyson is not related to Whitney Houston. She has released a book in which she has mentioned her family members. She also gave a lot of importance to her godson in the book as various pages of the book were related to him. The name of her godson is Kravitz.

On the cover page of this book, her beautiful picture has been published in which she is wearing a gorgeous dress that she has never seen before. She for the first time has discussed her family in the book and there is no mention of Houston of having any biological relation to Cicely Tyson.

Who got Whitney Houston’s money?

Whitney Houston boys died on 11th February 2012 at the age of 48 years. She left a huge net worth of almost 20 million dollars. People want to know that who will get the money left behind by the famous singer Whitney Houston. She had only one child named, Bobby Christina Brown.

Whitney had this child from her ex-husband named Bobby Brown. She initially created and drafted the paper of her inheritance in 1993 and then changed it in 2000 and it was mentioned in her inheritance paper that her property will be given to her child Bobby Christina Brown.

Who is the daughter of Cicely Tyson?

Viola Davis is considered to be the daughter of Cicely Tyson but she is a screen daughter. The role of her daughter was played by the name, Annalise Keating. She played this role in the ABC drama series named how to get away with Murder. This promises emotional memories of Cicely Tyson with her colleagues and it had a huge impact on the lives of her colleagues and the public.

Cicely Tyson services for Community:

Cicely Tyson is an amazing actress and artist who not only and a huge Fame and success in her career but also post serious impacts on the lives of people of America. She created a lot of projects in which she highlighted the rights of African women.

Cicely posed a very positive impact on the life of African women through her television film and theatre. She also received various awards for her amazing performances and the awards include prime-time Emmy award, the screen actors Guild award, and an honorary Academy Award.

How Cicely Tyson died?

Cicely Tyson was born on 19th December 1924 and at the age of 96 years, she died on 28th January 2021. People and media tried a lot to find out the cause of the death of Cicely Tyson but no reason was given by the family members. Her funeral was carried out at Baptist Church. It was disclosed that her death was sudden and there was no reason.

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