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Swimming is a great activity. It can help you beat the heat in the summer when you feel like you’re about to boil in your own skin. It can be a conduit for fun games like Marco Polo and diving for treasures. It can even provide healthy outdoor exercise on days when it’s too hot to run or bike comfortably.

You can even use swimming for the benefit of you or your pet’s health. Getting in the water is a great way to work a muscle without the added stress of body weight on top of it. Many veterinarians and doctors alike recommend hydro therapy to help heal after surgery or a traumatic injury.

Whatever it is that intrigues you about a backyard pool, you’re sure to get what you need out of the experience.

But shopping can be overwhelming, confusing, and time-consuming. In this article, we’re going to discuss the things you will need to consider with shopping for an above ground swimming pool to help you cut right to the chase. You’ll be swimming in no time!

Location, Location, Location!

Before you even begin to look at what’s available, you’ll want to scope out your backyard, first. If possible, take a buddy with you outside to the yard to inspect the area. You’ll want a flat, clear area in which to place your prospective pool.

If you have children, you’ll want to make sure that you select a place that has a clear line of sight from the house so that you’ll be able to keep an eye on your little ones even from a distance – although you should not plan to let children swim unattended, even if they are strong swimmers. Click here for more information about water safety for children.

Avoid placing your pool underneath a tree or too close to a wall or fence. You’ll want to have unrestricted access to the pool in order to help clean and maintain it. Plus, it looks more attractive that way.

Once you’ve decided on the best place for your new toy, you’ll need to measure the area. Here’s where your buddy comes into play. Together, you’ll want to take a tape measure and physically measure out the area you want to dedicate to your pool.

Once you have a lengthwise measurement, you’ll each want to rotate ninety degrees around a center point and measure again. If this way is shorter than the first way you measured, you’ll want to stick to the second measurement when planning to place your pool.

How Deep is Your Love?

Once you’ve decided on the optimal diameter of your new water-container, you’ll want to decide on its depths. There are several different options available to you. You’ll want to consider the height of the people who will be making the most use of your purchase.

If you expect mostly small children to be splashing away, you’ll want to opt for a depth closer to forty eight inches. If you’re going to be hosting lots of parties for adults at your place, you will probably want to choose something a little deeper to ensure everyone can submerge to their heart’s content.

Either way, you’ll probably want to stock up on flotation devices like chairs, rafts, and mats to make lounging in the sun fun and cool. You may even want to purchase floating drink holders so you stay hydrated while you play. Click the link: for more information about the importance of hydration.

Materials Matter


Finally, you’ll want to decide what material will work best for you. You’ll want to take into account the weather in your area. Will your ideal pool be able to withstand high temperatures? What about the possibility of corrosion from rain? Looking at a weather summary from previous years might be helpful in the selection process.

Whatever material you decide on, you’ll probably want to supplement your purchase with a few protective elements such as a cover. This can help maintain your investment and keep it nice for as long as possible.Make the Call

Once you’ve decided on these key metrics, you’re ready to take the next step. You’ll want to contact a reputable retailer to help you make your purchase and plan for an installation. Many retailers will offer installation for a fee. This can be a great option for those of us who are less than handy but who still want a safe swimming experience.

Many retailers will also offer the chemicals and tools you will need in order to properly maintain your pool. They may be able to give you an overview of the process you will need in order to keep algae growth at bay.

Hopefully this article gave you the tools you need to get out there and get swimming. Have fun!

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