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There is nothing more satisfying than coordinating the various aspects of your life. One creative way to do so is by having clothes that pair perfectly with your home aesthetic. Unfortunately, merging your wardrobe with your house interior requires extensive knowledge of both concepts for proper execution. Luckily, this article has all the tips and tricks to help you do exactly that. Read on to know more. 

Establish Your Reference

Before you pull out all the stops to coordinate everything, establish which of the two will be your basis: your house or your clothes. This step will help make things easier since you only need to tweak one after you have chosen. For instance, if your home decor already follows a theme, then you should only find clothing pieces to match and vice versa. 

Take An Interior Design Course

While pursuing an education through an interior styling course may seem excessive, it is actually a wise and practical choice that will benefit you immensely. First, it will equip you with all you need to know about interior design, which will allow you to pursue it as a profession or for your home needs. With your newfound knowledge in this field, matching your clothes with your decor will be a breeze. Although, remember to study up on your fashion aesthetic as well to make sure the two will complement each other well. 

Color Coordinate

An easy and stylish way to make your wardrobe complement your interior is to make sure they follow the same color schemes. This match will make them look in sync in one glance! However, don’t rely solely on color. There are several factors to consider to make sure they are truly a compatible pair, but focusing on their colors is a good start.

Sync Statement Pieces

If you don’t want to blend the two too much, an efficient and cost-effective way to coordinate is to have statement pieces. First, choose an item of yours, whether it be clothing or decor, then base your next move on that one object.

Statement pieces are made to stand out but not be out of place with the whole aesthetic. So, basing your clothing or decor choices on the bold eye-catchers will still keep you in sync with the whole vibe. 

Try Textures

Textures are difficult to match between fashion and interior design; however, it is not impossible. Pay attention to the fabric of your furniture or the cloth of your drapes to see if you can find similar clothing options. A good way around this is to apply it to your accessories instead, since they can easily add texture without being overbearing. 

Pair Patterns 

Most patterns are almost exclusive to a particular aesthetic and are dead giveaways. Still, finding designs that overlap between both clothing and home decor is challenging and hard to pull off. Most of the time, homeowners end up looking like pieces of furniture because of the mismatch. So, be very careful in following this step. One trick high-end designers use is they employ their scarves in diverse ways. An example would be framing one of them as an art piece while having comparable ones to wear as well. 


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