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Here is the detail about How Old is Ankha Animal Crossing? Things You Should Know How many of you know about Ankha and do you know how old is Ankha in animal crossing? If you don’t know about Animal Crossing, it is a social video game in which there are many characters. Ankha is one of the characters of the game.

Ankha the owl and everyone’s friend. You always saw her sitting on the walls of the village houses and on different things. Many people know about the other characters like Sure, Blathers, and Kapp’n. These characters are everyone’s favorite. But few people know about Ankha.

How Old is Ankha Animal Crossing Things You Should Know

How Old is Ankha Animal Crossing?

A video game designer, Hisashi Nogami said that the age of the series is not as young as people are thinking. He also added that this is a game where you can enjoy your life with the cute little animals virtually. This is a game for young girls.

The age of the video game player lies between the twenties and thirties. The video game was released during the Corona lockdown period. As soon as it was released, it went viral and was very popular.  She was a cat in the court of Cleopatra so from this we can make guess that her age is more than 30000 years.

Who is Ankha:

Ankha is one of the characters of the known virtual video game Animal Crossing. The word or name is extracted from the Egyptian symbols or signs which mean “life”. It is said that the name is derived from the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun whose tomb is inspired by ankha’s hair color and snake light-toned wig.

In the video game, Ankha is a very arrogant and proud cat. She first looked and seemed in Doubutsu no Mori+, a Japanese video game, as a resident of the island. She became part of the upcoming series after she disappeared from the animal crossing: Wild word. In the upcoming series, she has a different character. She is a lover of nature. She loves to read books on particular topics like bugs, fossils, etc.

What is Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing is a virtual video game that was released in Japan in 2003. In this game, the players are doing the role of the human who goes to the village. In the village, there are many animals having human characteristics and traits. The players have to play the game by spending their time in the village. They have to do various activities like planting, collecting things, etc. For the different activities like fishing and insect collecting, specialized equipment is there.

Different things can be displayed in the museum like fossils and canvases. All these activities are done so that the player can buy furniture, clothes, and houses. The single village is for the four players. The four people can play the game at a time. The players can do chatting with one another. The players can move to other villages and surrounding areas by using memory cards. You can play the different versions of the game online and offline.


She is a dark blue and golden-banded cat. She applies blue eyeliner in a royal manner. Ankha applies the eyeliner in a manner that it is winging out from the bottom corner of the eye. When she blinks we can see orange eye shadow on the eyelids. She has big black pupils. She has blue ears having a blue interior. Furthermore, she has yellow-colored paw pads. She always has that sad expression on her face even when she is happy.

Talking about her costume, they keep on changing in different series. In animal forest + and later series she had an attire in which she wore a red aloha shirt. While, in the city folk series, she wears Egyptian attire while in New leaf she had worn a mummy shirt. In the new horizon series, she wore tank attire.

In the game, she was a headpiece that has an Egyptian Golden snake along with blue lines. While, in the city folks series, she has a different getup and attire. She does not have any headpieces. But in the later series, she has a pendant with having scarab head. But again replaced by a headpiece in the following series.

Personality of Ankha:

Talking about her character and personality in the series, she has a very arrogant and proud personality. She had very egoistic behavior with the villagers and players.

But sometimes she becomes very friendly and nice to people depending on their behavior. She feels insulted and gets offends whenever somebody criticizes her styling and dressing sense. A talk about her fashion between her and the jock makes her sad or frustrated. As the game continues, her behavior with the players changes. She becomes soft and kind as the game continues. But she maintains and retains her attitude and arrogant behavior.

She is not very social and welcoming towards the lazy and foodies. She does not like people who are lazy because of their lifestyles. Villagers who are greatly fond of relaxation, vetting food on the spot and etc make her really really angry and uncomfortable while having a talk with them. She makes those peppy villagers sad when gossiping about them and judging them on small things. She usually gets along with arrogant, stubborn, and sometimes normal villagers.

People are really confused about the character and personality of Ankha. She is always angry and irritated. Her facial expressions always show that she is unhappy with her surroundings and surroundings people. People are always thinking that even when she is happy and satisfied her facial expressions remain the same. The players don’t like the negative behavior of Ankha. She is very rude and very ill-mannered towards people.

But on the other hand, many players are ok with her behavior and personality. People think that such behavior of Ankha suits her. Her behavior is supposed to be harsh and rude because she might play the role of Queen Cleopatra who fought hard to make his place in the palace.

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