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In this article, we will also tell you how can we catch stingray in stardew valley, the location of stingrays, the best season to catch stingrays, and many more. Stingray Stardew is an amazing fishing experience for its users. It has a body of water where the players can do fishing using a rod to get those fish. Some fish are available only for some specific weather while some are available all the seasons and every time of the day.

Every time you catch a fish and your mini-game is started.  This fish must be kept inside the green bar in order to keep the game playing. There are various fish and some of them will be discussed in the coming paragraph.

How Can We Catch Stingray in Stardew Valley, Location & Season

How can we catch stingray in stardew valley?

It is not very difficult to find stingray in the stardew Valley. It is available in pirate’s cove on Ginger Island. Moreover, there is also no restriction on season and time and is available all seasons and all day. The only difficulty which is faced by the player is 80 difficulty. To overcome this difficulty the player can buy mahogany seeds to unlock Island Resort.

At the start of the game, a letter is received from a Pelican town citizen whose name is Willy. In this letter, it is advised to visit the beach sometime for having an adventure. An old bamboo rod is also used in fishing which enhances the experience of the game. There is also a facility for upgrading the fishing rod.

Stardew valley stingray quests:

An interesting fact of this fishing game is the quest which is presented once the pond is full and reaches to a specific capacity. A yellow sign starts alarming that a quest is available for the player. This quest can be of any kind depending on the species of the fish. Some species demand meat bugs, while others demand cooked food. Other quest items include gemstones and building materials.

The number of quests demanded also depends on the species of the fish. Some species require quest items two times while others can demand them four times. Every time a quest has finished the capacity of fish in the pond is increased up to 10 fish in total.

The difficulty of stingray in stardew valley:

Finding a stingray in stardew valley is usually a simple process. While in the game one can also face a difficulty which is named difficulty 80. This difficulty can be overcome by unlocking the island resort and by buying Mahogany seeds.

Once the player completes these tasks he starts filling the pond to get quests and the completion of which can result in items demanded. These items range from bug meats, cooked food, building material, and gemstones.

Best season for catching stingray:

Some species of fish do have specific seasons and times when they are available. Apart from that Stingray is available in stardew valley through the seasons and all day without any time limit. You only need to know the location of the stingray which is present in the pirate cove all day.

Location of stingray in stardew:

In stardew valley, the stingray is present in the Pirate’s cove. It is present there all the seasons and all the days and you just need to know its location to find one. Before getting access to the pirate cove you will have to get access to Ginger island. Once the access is availed the community centre task is completed which is almost the last round in the game. If the boat needs repairing just repair it and go to ginger island for only 1000g.

Best fish of stardew valley:

There is a wide range of fish which can be kept in the ponds in stardew valley. Some of the best fish are listed below:

  • Stingray

Like all other fish, it can also make roe. The chance of appearing in full pond capacity is 4 per cent and its battery back chances are 9 to 10 per cent in maximum pond capacity.

  • Sturgeon

It is the only fish that can make caviar. It can be fished in winter or summer and between 6 am to 7 pm. Moreover, the fish is almost 500g.

  • Blobfish

They are not much attractive but can produce a lot of worthy items like pearls and warm totems. The chances of both these items are 1.7 to 1.9 per cent daily.

  • Octopus

Apart from roe, it is also a good producer of 1-10 Omni geodes daily and the chances are 15-16 per cent. This fish can be caught on the beach in summer at times between 6 am to 1 pm.

How to unlock pirate cove in stingray stardew:

When you get access to the ginger island you will have to unlock various events for up gradation of tasks. This will resultantly unlock the pirate cove. Some important steps are listed below:

  • On the right side of Willy’s boat, you will have to speak to Leo.
  • The west area of the island needs to be unlocked.
  • Upgradation of island farmhouse by using 20 golden walnuts.
  • After unlocking the island farmhouse you will have to proceed to the beach resort to unlock it by using 20 golden walnuts.
  • Following all these steps will help open the entrance of the pirate cove.

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