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Gmail Not Opening, why? Gmail Is a free emailing service that is provided by Google. It provides users with a huge amount of space to store their messages. Gmail had a total of 1.5 billion active users worldwide in 2019. It also allows the user easy access to other Google services like YouTube, googles docs, calendar, and many more. In different ways, Gmail is quite similar to other email services you can send and receive emails, block spam and also perform other similar basic tasks.

Gmail Features:

Gmail provides us with many features which will make your emailing experience buttery smooth. Some of the most prominent features provided to us by Gmail are given below

1. Spam filtering is one of the most highlighted features of Gmail. In other words, spam can also be called junk email which is very annoying to encounter, but Gmail uses advanced technologies to separate normal emails and spam emails. Most of the spam is automatically transferred to the spam folder and deleted after 30 days to free up space.

2. Build in the chat is another important and useful feature provided to us by Gmail. You can use this feature to send messages to someone instead of using an email to communicate. You can also use the voice and video chat feature if your computer is equipped with a microphone and a webcam.

3. Call phone might be the most underrated feature of Gmail. This feature is quite similar to voice chat other that this allows you to make a call to an actual phone number anywhere around the globe. This service is free if you want to make a call anywhere in the United States or Canada. You can also make calls to phone numbers in other countries at comparatively low rates.

gmail not open


Gmail was launched on 1st April 2004 with one gigabyte of storage space which might look small at first glance but at that time it was far better than what its competitors were offering. One year later on its first anniversary, Gmail doubled its storage space to two gigabytes. The storage space of Gmail kept on increasing with time and as of 2022 the total storage space provided by Gmail to its client is 15 gigabytes, paid plans are also available which can take your storage space up to 2 terabytes.

Causes of Gmail Not opening and Solutions:

  • Gmail is one of those things that you don’t feel the importance. There might be several reasons why Gmail might not be working for you. Some of the most common issues faced by different users are given below along with their solutions.
  • Checking if Gmail is down, although this is extremely rare if this happens you’ll have no control over it and the only thing you can do is wait. You can check whether Gmail is down or not on popular websites like Down Detector or down for everyone or just me.
  • If you have your privacy setting set to high, there is a good chance that it is stopping Gmail from loading. You can solve this problem by manually adding to the list of the allowed sites so your browser is allowed to connect with Gmail.


Step 1:

  • Restarting your computer is the simplest thing to do which might fix the problem. you are facing without following any of the long procedures.

Step 2:

  • Another quick fix to your problem is to clear the cache and cookies of the browser you are using, this will delete your history and personalization but it’s worth it as this might be the cause behind the problem you are facing.

Step 3:

  • An important thing you need to make sure of is that the browser you are currently using is compatible. with Gmail and does not unnecessarily interfere with its operations. Most of the popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari work well with Gmail, but some browsers might not be compatible with Gmail and could just be the cause of the problem you are facing. Using another browser could help in solving this issue.

Step 4:

  • You should also check extensions and plugins installed in the browser as it could also be interfering with the operations of Gmail and cause it to not function properly. You can try temporarily turning all of the extensions and plugins to see if this is the reason behind the problem you are facing.

Step 5:

  • Make sure your internet is running properly with good speed. Because a slow internet connection will cause Gmail to load slowly, partially, or sometimes it might not even open at all. You can check your internet speed and quality of service by performing different tests. Like Internet speed tests, internet quality checks, or packet loss tests. This will let you know if your internet is the reason why Gmail is not working. If your internet is the problem you’ll need to call your internet service provider to diagnose and solve the problem for you.

Step 6:

  • You should also try temporarily disabling your antivirus software as they have a bad record of interfering with operations of other applications and services as they need to scan the computer and keep it safe from harmful viruses.

Step 7:

  • If all of the above-mentioned steps didn’t solve your problem, you can contact Gmail help. It offers a wide array of information on all problems faced by different users around the globe. You can browse through the help offering or submit your question to the community. which will be answered in a relatively quick time.

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