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Ancient Rome built all the roads in the European Union and not only the roads. Can you imagine the army of professional engineers and builders that owned a huge territory? Laws, traffic rules, mass media even languages that took Latin as the main grammar part of all of that, and even more we can use today. Romans loved games. The most famous gambling was dice. Nowadays you can test your luck at 22Bet app APK download

The Heyday of Ancient Rome

The heyday of Ancient Rome began more than two thousand years ago. This empire was so tremendous: from North Africa to South Britain, from Western Europe to the Middle East. You can find its antique remains everywhere in Europe. There are aqueducts that have risen over the landscape such as the columns of the ancient temples. These structures show how creative and powerful Ancient Rome was. 

There are still parts of ancient Rome in the modern city of Rome. There the first you will hear is the grand Colosseum. Imagine if only, Romans managed to make a water show of water battles that they had during their amazing history. From death matches to the play of the emperor on a musical instrument under tremendous applause. 

All Roads Lead to Rome

Of course, we will start from the most famous architecture that is used today only in a modernized way. If you take a look at the European map, all main roads from one country to another were basically done during the Ancient Rome time. Today the new technologies reconstructed them under modern demands for truck deliveries etc. Direct road links connected every corner of the empire with the capital. Romans knew that logistics is essential for surviving and waging war. 

The cities were laid out on a drawing board, with streets and house fronts running at right angles, at the center of which were the forums. The forum is a large public building where you could visit a theater and temples and in case of law problems administration. For example, you can check the “Roman Forum” in the center of Rome. It became a model for many other cities of the Roman Empire.  


What if I tell you that modern towns are basically copies of the ancient Roman ones, especially including sewerage. One of the most important features of urban planning in Roman times so as today is the sewer system under the cities. By the first century AD, all eleven aqueducts were connected to a sewer, which was later used to empty latrines and drain rainwater. From Milan to Paris to London, the system quickly became the standard for Roman cities. It is even partly used today in Rome. 


Hygiene played an important role in Roman society. That is why there were thermal baths for elite Romans and baths for regular citizens and slaves. Yes, even slaves had their own baths, of course, you would never see there a consul. Thermal baths became the meeting places of the Romans and the first health oases. At first, baths were used by citizens who didn’t have the ability to wash at home. As more popular baths became popular among people, the Roman emperors began to appear in them, in order to demonstrate their closeness to the citizens. 

I should admit here that plague was not that popular among Romans or other diseases that were caused because of dirt, only during the war. But the centurions were in charge to cease any diseases among soldiers so even legions had their baths during the military service. 

In conclusion, our ancestors were incredibly creative to create the world we see. We should pay attention to the old knowledge and upgrade or modernize them rather than using it against each other.

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