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Faze Rug Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Height, Biography – Faze Rug’s real name is Brain Rafat Awadis. He was born on 19th November 1996. His birthplace is San Diego, California. He is a very well-known social media personality in America. Faze Rug is known for his YouTube channel. Here you will get to know about the faze rug net worth and all the complete details about him. He is a famous YouTube vlogger. He previously uploaded some prank videos on YouTube after which he become famous in public. His YouTube prank video known as “cocaine prank” was highly loved by the people. It got 8.9 million viewers. Faze Rug net worth is $23 million.

Faze Rug Early Life:

He was born in California. His real name was Brain Rafat Awadhi. His parents’ names are Ron and Sana Avadis. They have migrated from Iraq. His father is a store owner and owns two more locations in San Diego. His brother’s name is Brandon. He started his YouTube channel with his brother in 2008. He made some videos with his brother on his YouTube channel in 2008. But after 2009 the channel becomes inactive. But he had a great passion for YouTubing and vlogging. So he decided to pursue his career in the YouTube field. He keeps on posting videos and short clips on his channel in his school and college life. His college name was San Diego Meera Mar college. But he was a dropout. He always focused on making creative content.

faze rug

Faze Rug Net Worth:

Faze Rug net worth comes from various sources. He is a social media YouTuber. So his main source of income is his YouTube channel. He is a much-known personality in America. He is earning a lot and living a luxurious life through his social media income. Faze rug’s net worth is approximately dollar 23 million. He is also the director of a famous gaming group. That gaming group is known as “Faze Clan”. He mainly posts Call of Duty game videos on his YouTube channel.

Apart from these game videos, he also posts many prank videos. Comparing both these, the prank videos got much like and popular by the people. He also posts many daily life vlogs on his YouTube channel. These vlogs include his daily life activities including his family.

Faze Rug’s net worth is sufficient and keeps on increasing day by day. As his net worth depends on the social media channel, so his social media profile keeps on increasing day by day. This is why his net worth also keeps on increasing. It is a great benefit for him because this era is the era of the Internet and social media. The young generation is more attracted to his YouTube videos, his game videos. Awards are followed by young people all over the world.

Faze Rug Career Details:

Faze Rug always wants to share his life experiences with others. He was a naughty kid from the school level. So he made videos doing pranks on other people in the school as well as outside. He made videos of those pranks and upload them on his channel. His YouTube channel slowly starts getting subscribers. He satisfies himself by sharing his own experience with the people in the world.

Faze Rug also started uploading the Call of Duty game issues videos on his channel. After he realize that his videos are gaining more importance and popularity among the people he left the college in his first year. He become serious about making videos and establishing his career as a YouTuber. Now he is a very well-known blogger, YouTuber, and a known American social media personality. Faze rug is ready to struggle and succeed more in the future.

Faze Rug Height and Body Measurements:

He has a slim body. Faze Rug is a very attractive YouTuber. His height is 5 feet 7 inches. He weighs 58 kg. His body measurements are 37-28- 35. Faze rug waste size is 28 and his biceps size is 12. He has brown color eyes. His hair is also brown possesses a very attractive personality. Faze rug has a slim body and is adored by many of his friends.

faze rug career

Faze Rug YouTube Subscribers:

He has posted 1.9k videos on his YouTube channel. There are a total of 20.8 million subscribers on his channel. He posts different types of videos. He is most attracted to prank videos and the Call of Duty game. So Faze Rug is a known YouTube personality because of his huge number of subscribers. His subscribers keep on increasing day by day. This is the reason for his increase in net worth. His net worth is approximately dollar 23 million. His net worth will increase in the future as his subscribers increase.

Faze Rug Instagram Followers:

Apart from YouTube, Faze Rug is also available on Instagram. He has a total of 6.2 million followers. He has posted 640 posts up till now. Faze Rug is a great video creator and owner of Faze Clan. He earns through his Instagram account as well. This also adds to his total net worth. So Instagram is also a Faze Rug source of income.

Faze Rug Twitter Followers:

Along with Instagram, he also has a social media profile on Twitter. Faze Rug has 2.6 million followers on Twitter. He has done 49.4 K tweets on his account. He join this Twitter account in August 2012. Faze says that the people who watch his YouTube videos will love them. This was said on Twitter. Here are many followers on his various social media profile. So he is loved by many of the people and is a known personality.

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