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In this article, we will tell you how to use apply pay for Chick Fil A, and ways to use the apple pay application for Chick Fil A using touch id and face id. So keep reading this article to get in-depth knowledge about Chick Fil apple pay. Chick Fil A is an American-based fast-food chain which has now become a name of taste in the industry of fast food. The food chain accepts a number of payment methods and apple pay is one of them.

Chick Fil A offers a wide range of fast food items like hamburgers, salads, beverages, and many more. There are various methods to pay the bill of Chick Fil A but the most secure and recommended method is through the apple pay application. The food chain is offering payment services through apply pay since 2016 and till then it is going very successful. The process of this payment method is very simple and easy to understand.

Does Chick Fil a Take Apple Pay - How to Use It

What is apple pay?

With the advancement of technology, billing and payment methods are also going digital. People are now interested in paying the bills through their mobile avoiding the usage of paper money. Apple pay is also a kind of digital wallet through which you can pay your bills. It is basically designed for the users of apple products like mobiles, tabs, macs, and ipads. The apple pay application was designed in 2014 and after achieving different milestones of success it now accounts for 5 per cent of global digital payments. Moreover, it is also the most used application in the United States of America.

How to pay Chick Fil A using apple pay?

Chick Fil A started accepting payments through apple pay in 2016 for the ease of their customers. Customers can now pay the bills at Chick Fil A from their homes and at outlets without any tension. The method of paying bills through apple pay is very simple and the detailed process will be discussed in this paragraph. You can pay bills through apple pay by using apple watches, mobiles, ipads, and other apple products. You just need to follow the following steps:

  • If you are in the restaurant you just need to go to the cashier counter.
  • There you will tell that you are going to pay the bill through apple pay.
  • Then will have to bring your mobile closer to the NFC reader for code reading.
  • Once the payment is successful you will receive a message on your mobile phone for confirmation.

How to set up apple pay for Chick Fil A?

Using Apple pay is a very simple process and it is widely used in the United States of America. Almost 5% of digital transactions are done through apple pay globally. For setting up an Apple pay application you need to follow the following steps. All the processes can be completed by going to the settings in the section of Apple pay.

  • At the start of the process, you need to go to the wallet and pretty add button.
  • Now you will be provided with two options credit card and debit card.
  • Select any one of your choices.
  • Now click on the continue button.
  • Now here comes the list of different banks and you have to choose the bank in which you have an account.
  • Now add your card to complete the transaction.
  • Here you will have to add the credentials of your card and other personal information which is requested by the platform.

 After successful completion of this process, you will be able to make digital transactions using Apple pay and you can easily pay the bills of chick-fil-a.

How to use apple pay in the drive-through of Chick Fil A?

An interesting and convenient method of paying the bills at chick-fil-a at the drive-thru is by using Apple pay. To complete this transaction you will have to follow the following steps.

  • Place your order at the drive-thru counter of chick-fil-a.
  • Now tell the cashier that you are going to pay the bill using Apple pay.
  • Now open the Apple pay application on your mobile.
  • Hold your mobile phone closer to the payment terminal.
  • Now your payment will be automatically processed and your debit card will be charged.

How to use apple pay for Chick Fil A with a smartwatch?

The most advanced method of paying digital bills is by using Apple pay with smartwatches of Apple. This is the most advanced technique used by any digital bill payer. To complete this transaction digitally by using Smartwatch you will have to follow the following steps.

  • You just need to double-click on the flight buttons of your apple watch to pay the bill of your choice.
  • Now keep the watch face down and keep it near the third reader.
  • Hold the watch in this position for some time until a vibration came across which means that the transaction has been successful.

How to use apple pay for Chick Fil A using touch id and face id?

The bills of chick-fil-a can also be played by using an apple watch with their sides and touch id. To complete this transaction you just need to double-click on the header buttons of your iPhone mobile. Now you will have to verify your identity by using face ID or touch id.

Once you verify your identity by using a touch id and face ID you need to put the mobile closer to the NFC card reader to complete the transaction. After the successful completion of the transaction, a message will be received on your iPhone screen which is the confirmation message of your successful transaction.

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