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Handmade Valentine’s wreath designs are one of the easiest way to satisfy your love on this Valentine’s day. It is always a difficult decision that what to choose that would equally make your love happy as well as perfect presentation for your emotions. To cure all these problems, this year we bring handmade valentines day wreaths designs that can  tamper  all you needs and Desires this Valentine’s Day.valentine wreath designs

Amazing Ideas for Valentine’s Day Wreaths Designs:

Ribbon Valentine’s Day Wreaths

We will start off with precious however simple Valentine wreath designs that you would love blindly. Silky ribbon designs are all most applicable in every situation. However while preparing as a love wreath for your Valentine can have no other match than ribbons. This time we will be adding a little twist to the design that would make it more catchy and sophisticated. So ignoring the Valentine ribbon wreath, let us select heart grapevine design Wild grapevines are very much easier to twist and mold.

However if you do not want to put much effort for this design, you may simply purchase it from any gift Store nearby. Next, buy 3 meter ribbon in red color to follow these amazing wreath design idea you may increase the length of Ribbon according to your grapevine heart size. Simply slide your ribbon in between the grapevine and tie a knot.valentine wreath designs

Keep on weaving and twisting the ribbon in entire grapevine hanger. This would cover the entire wine and would give a another level look. Add some red roses in the spaces that look ugly and bare.  You would see the final result as a resemblance of a burlap Valentine wreath. However this is more easier than any burlap design.

Christmas Inspired Valentine Wreaths Designs

Pretty sure, Your house would have the Christmas valentine wreaths. However, They are now the  resident of your attic these days. Through House holding tips, understand that this is the time to take them out to re use them as DIY valentine wreaths. Simply spray all your wreath in fancy red color + scent it nicely. Keep that with your valentine greeting card and here you are done.wreath designs

valentine wreath designs

Bow Wreaths for Valentine’s Day

Who can forget the  gentlemen Looking valentine wreath designs? Truly, a bow style is the fruit of sophistication from the older century. Gentlemen in fact every sophisticated lover till date always represent a bow wreath design specially made for Valentine’s to their loves. However, you may find both designs very expensive. Even if you gather the courage to spend a lot of money for these wreaths, you may see a problem that these Bow hearts may get out of stock as soon as they arrive in the market. Otherwise, no need to worry, this time you would be creating your very own DIY bow Valentine wreath designs.

wreath designs

All you have to do is to find a worn out bow from your closet. If you are unable to find a bow in the perfect size. You may rejoin 3 balls together. if you still not satisfied , try to make a DIY Knot from a  thick  fabric you have. Create a wreath in the heart shape. Originally, we always find wreath in circular designs but it would be best to make it in the heart shape as it is more iconic to the Valentine’s event.wreath designs

Place bows at 1/2 of the wreath. In the other half, you may add Flowers/ Foto collage and a valentine door hanger to make it presentable.  Keep this wreath along with other gifts and send it to your love it would act like miracle in your relationship.

How to draw a Wreath?

You always have to worry that how to make all wreath. There are many wreath valentine design ideas present in many of the websites on the Internet. However still you have to worry about that how to  draw a wreath ? the other designing elements come on the secondary level. It is more important because if you do not have the time to create  3D Valentine wreath designs at least you are able to draw it on your Valentine handmade card.

There could be many tips however the simplest one is to take a bow and draw a circle. we will not be using a compass. Complete clarity is not required. In the final circle, create another circle with the smaller bowl. Here you go.wreath designs

This is the basic round wreath that would help in all types of Valentine’s wreath design ideas. These initial circles would let you align your wreath design. If you want to specify the heart just make two ears on the top and a V-shape in the bottom of the circle. You may get a perfect wreath after practice.


Valentine wreath designs are easy to make but are impact full echoing your love for your beloved this year. So, do not waste time to try all these DIY designs to impress your love.wreath designsvalentine wreath designs

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