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In this article, we will tell you about Alex Jones net worth, his early life, biography, career, and relationship status. Alex Jones is a famous radio host and political thinker who is popular for his right political views.  He is also famous for his appearance on a radio talk show named the Alex Jones show. If we talk about Alex Jones net worth, he owns almost five million dollars of net worth.  He has also seen many ups and downs in his life and has faced many lawsuits and bankruptcies. He was born in Dallas Texas in 1974. If we talk about his career he started his professional career as a radio host in 1996.

Alex Jones Net Worth, Career, Biography, Married, Age

Alex Jones Net Worth:

Alex Jones net worth is estimated to be around 5 million dollars.  His major source of income is radio hosting, political writing and real estate. Apart from this he also earns a handsome amount from promotions and collaborations. It has been observed that Alex Jones earned 18 billion dollars from the free speed system and 76 million dollars from his merchandise sales. Alex Jones lives in a luxury villa located in Austin Texas. It features all the facilities of a luxurious house like a pool and dining hall. The cost of this home is around 2 to 3 million dollars.  Further details about his assets and cars are not available to us yet but if we get any news we will update you immediately.

Early Life of Alex Jones:

Alex Jones who is a famous radio host was born in Dallas Texas on 11 February 1974. The early life of Alex Jones was spent in the suburb of Rockwell. After spending some of his early life in the suburb of Rockwell he shifted to Austin. If we talk about his parents his father was a dentist and his mother was a housewife. If we talk about his education he completed his schooling education from Anderson High School in Austin. After completing his schooling education he took admitted to costing community college but he was not good at studies so he quit his studies. He was interested in a radio career so he started working for radio in 1996.

How Alex Jones started his career:

Alex Jones is a famous radio host from Texas. So now we will tell you how Alex Jones started his career. When he was studying at Austin community college he dropped out due to his zero interest in studies. So he decided to pursue his career as a radio host in 1996 by appearing in a show named The Final Edition. After that, he started working with Shannon in a show named Best Austin Talk Show. Initially, he was working with KJFK but one year later he was fired because of his complex and bitter views. He also refused to widen the area of his topics in the show which was against the policies of advertisements so the company fired him.

After the loss of his job, he started working from his home starting a broadcast. He was also interested in politics and he participated in politics in 2000 as a candidate for Republican Party in Texas.  Although he decided to take part in the elections but soon after his decision he withdrew from the race. Fortunately, his radio career again got successful and his show was broadcasted on hundred different stations. An interesting fact about the political views of Alex Jones was his views on the 9/11 attacks regarding the Bush administration and he blamed that it was Bush who is responsible for the attacks. This was the time when many stations dropped him out for his bitter views about national politics.

Film Career:

If we talk about his film career he participated in a film named Destroyed by Design which was released in 1998.  He is also the author of two different books named the 9/11 Descent into Tyranny and The Answer to 1984 is 1776.  He is also the founder of a website named info wars which gets a lot of traffic every day.  It has been observed that his website receives almost 10 million views per month.  If we talk about his income from this website he earns almost 20 million dollars a year from this website. Most of his opponents claim that this is a fake website and it spreads conspiracies and fake news. He had also faced legal issues during the times of covid-19 for his statement claiming that he has discovered the treatment of covid-19 and his products are treating the patients.

Is Alex Jones married:

Whenever we talk about our favourite personalities the first question that comes to our mind is their relationship status. So, now we will tell you is Alex Jones married.  He married Kelly Jones in 2007. Unfortunately, their relationship could not succeed and they decided to part ways in 2015. Alex and Kelly are parents to 3 children.

In 2017 the custody of their kids was given to their mother as she claimed that her ex-husband’s behaviour is not proper for the nourishment of their children and he is not in a stable condition of his mind. Another allegation on Alex Jones was that he was using drugs and was found many times driving in drunken conditions.

What is the age of Alex Jones:

Now we will tell you what is the age of Alex Jones? Alex Jones was born in Texas on 11 February 1974. So currently he is almost 48 years old.

Physique and appearance of Alex Jones:

Alex John has a charming and funky personality. If we talk about his height he is almost 5 feet and 10 inches tall while his weight is around 90 kg. The colour of his eyes is blue and his hairs are black. If we talk about the sexual orientation of Alex Jones he is a straight guy and is only interested in women.

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