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Here is the detail of Alex Hogan Age, Wiki, Career, Real Name, Net Worth, Family, and much more. Alex Hogan is a famous American Emmy award-winning columnist who contributes as an anchor for Fox news channel. Her full name is Alexandra Hogan and is 52 years old. She functioned in past years as a stand-in anchor for Fox News channel.

Alex Hogan is a world famous tv anchor for various news channels like WFMZ_TV television station. She also worked as a morning news reporter for several Independent television stations in Allen Town, Pennsylvania which were before her position at FNC. She was great at her job and up until now she is an experienced anchor and news reporter. Her nationality is Switzerland. Moreover, She has completed her graduation from Pennsylvania State University in 2016. She completed her degree in Bachelors of Broadcast Journalism.

Alex Hogan Age, Wiki, Career, Real Name, Net Worth, Family

Who is Alex Hogan?

As we have talked about Alex Hogan previously, she is a famous American Emmy award winner. She was a great person by her good service toward people for example that she continued her job during a particular epidemic and updated the people and the outside world. Alex completed her education in 2016. Furthermore, her father’s name is Jim Hogan and she is very attached to her father. Her mother’s name is Stacy Hogan she is just like her friend and her supporter. Alex has two brothers named Nick and Chris Hogan. She is a reporter and anchor by profession.

Alex Hogan Age:

Alex Hogan is almost around 28 years old and she is very young and beautiful for her age., She has well maintained her physique, and as well as her job


Alex Hogan is tremendously raised by her parents with full attention and care because she was the only daughter of her parents. She was brought up between her two brothers, Chris and Nick Hogan who are very kind towards her. She usually posts her family photos on different social media platforms and people enjoy it and love her a lot. Alex Hogan was born in Switzerland which is a very bountiful and a great country in almost all perspectives.

She has a very moderate or minimal weight and her height is also average which is,5 feet and 7 inches. Her nickname or we may say her pet’s name is Alex which is called by her family members and her supporters and audience. Her marital status is not known yet she is single or married but the people will surely be updated later. Alex is very attached to her family members or we may say she is a baby of her family.

Alex Hogan Career:

Alexandra Hogan started her career after she graduated from Pennsylvania State University. She is an award-winning anchor, journalist, and podcaster.

She is currently working for Fox News channel as a correspondent there nationally. Her working experience started in NBC in Washington DC with several reporters, anchors, and other team crew members. As she completed her degree in Bachelors of Broadcast Journalism so she had a passion or devotion to journalism and so she did.

After her graduation, her first job or employment was with WTAJ-TV which is located in Pennsylvania Area. In June 2016, just after her degree, she moved to WFMZ-TV and stayed there for 3 years before moving to Fox news channel. She also won an Emmy award for her outstanding performances.

Alex Hogan Net Worth:

Alex Hogan’s salary at Fox news channel as a national correspondent there is between $60,000 and per year it’s $120,000 which is a very huge amount. She started working while she was still in the university and she continued working even after her graduation. However, her earnings were not small.

The estimation of her net worth is slightly below $1 million after considering journalism as her main source of earning. Though Alex Hogan is very young at his age, she is a millionaire and as well as a famous person too. She had an enormous amount of money which is very beneficial in her life.

Instagram Followers:

As Alex Hogan is very famous on Television stations. Moreover, she is also very famous or familiar with social media platforms for e.g: Instagram, Twitter, etc. She had a huge fan following on Instagram, which is 35.9K and her following list of people is 1,024 people. Her posts which she did on Instagram are about 504 which is making people sure that she is very consistent in posting on social media platforms.

Twitter Followers:

As Alex Hogan is famous on different social media platforms. She is very famous on Twitter as well as she is a foreign correspondent in London for the fox news channel. Alex Hogan is also an Emmy award-winning bilingual journalist for various television stations, for example, NBC Washington DC, 69 News, and Bloom berg tv. She joined Twitter in June 2016 just after she graduated from Pennsylvania States University.

Alex Hogan has a huge following on Twitter of 258 people and her followers on Twitter are about 18.4k. People love her so much because of her marvelous and outstanding performances in different epidemics as she reported and updated people on different crises.

Facebook Followers:

Alex is also very popular on Facebook and other social media sites or platforms. She had 10,000 followers on Facebook and has only 1 following person. Her Facebook account is verified with a blue tick. She made her account as a journalist and ratings on her Facebook account is 5 star. Her fans came to know that she is in London, United Kingdom right now with her recent posts as she is very consistent on her social media platforms. She should remain consistent with her social media accounts so that people can get updated by her posts.

She also shows so much concern towards her fans by giving updates to them in several ways like through social media or sometimes through television stations.


Alex Hogan is a very honorable journalist, reporter, anchor, podcaster, etc. she was very sincere in her job as she worked in different time zones of the country whether it was hot or cold. She was a very hardworking woman as she started her first job just after she graduated from Pennsylvania State University. As she completed her degree in broadcast journalism so she had a passion or devotion since childhood to the field of journalism. She is very attached to her family especially her father who is a great support and biggest critic for her.

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