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In this article, you will know Who was Ajax? Ajax Murdered in 1980 Case Detail. Ajax was a high school student whose name was Adrian Precia. According to the news we come to know that he and his friend was roaming through the concert hall and they are enjoying that moment. Suddenly one of his class fellows put a gun on him and bartered him. Then he shot the gun and ajax was suddenly killed by his mate.

Within a few seconds, he lost his life after being shot by his mate with the weapon. Ajax was 16 when he was killed by his mate. He was so young and did even not grow up at that time. He wants to explore the world but life doesn’t allow him.  But the news said that he was killed accidentally and his mate does not want to kill him.

Who was Ajax Ajax Murdered in 1980 Case Detail

Who was Ajax?

Ajax’s real name was Adrian Precia. He was a student at Spingarn High School. Ajax was studying and also participated in various co-curricular activities. He does all the activities with his friend and classmates. He always plays in his free time with his classmates.

But he was unable to recognize the killer in his classmates. The boy who killed Ajax was his classmate who bashed him very dreadfully. He was murdered on the spot while wandering in the corridor of the school.

Ajax Murdered in 1980 Case:

The murder case of Ajax was testified by Dr.Ramesh Kumar at the CBI office in Delhi in 1992. This was done under the supervision of SIT. If we talk about his body then he has so many tattoos on his right arm which suit him. The lines which were written as tattoos are Life Sucks, If you love it, let it go, Ripa, and ThunderBolt.

Talking about his height and weight, then he was 5 feet 6 inches in height and 175 pounds in weight. He looks good with such great height and his friends love him because of his looks also.

Ajax Murder Culprit:

The murderer whose name is Michael Joseph Pratt who was also a classmate of Ajax was feeling guilty for killing Ajax. He was only 18 years old guy at the time when he killed ajax. When this incident happened everyone was so much interested and they want to know whether he killed ajax by plan or if it waif s a pre-planned murder. But as time passes this incident became old and people lose interest in this case.

Why did School Close?

The school where all these kids were studying is named Spingarn High school. Ajax was the first person who was killed because of this school. This news also come to know that the people were starting to avoid sending Their kids in that close so they close it because the population was declining at that time.

Because parents become afraid to send their kids to study in that school because the murderer is from this school. School administration becomes disappointed when no one comes to take admission to this school and in the end, they prefer to close this school.

D.C Police Chief Said:

The deputy commissioner police chief Alphonse Gibson said that there was no need for an argument between the two boys. He also said that the information he gathered from police indicated that all the boys included in the incident were friends. There was no enemy in between who killed Ajax. There was also no chance of an argument. Despite this fact, a boy came and directly shot him.

This was a very unexpected and unbelievable tragedy from his friend. This should be avoided at least on the school premises. Students carrying weapons should not be allowed to come to school. It can only be reduced by checking completely at the entrance of the school.

Mayor Marian Barry Said:

The mayor Marian Barry said that he was upset about the tragedy. This was a tragedy that happened unnecessarily at the time because a young life has gone. He also added that the parents have not prevented the children from carrying the weapons. It is also prohibited to carry weapons in the school apart from it. The killer was having the gun in the school with him. It should be prevented and it is completely an insane tragedy.

What Happened To The School?

The high school in which Ajax was murdered was a very reputable school at that time. After the murder of Ajax, the reputation of the school was very down. The popularity of the school reduced suddenly. Also, the students who were studying very calmly in the school left the school and education due to this horrible incident. Right now the school is sealed by government authorities. They are also not planning to reopen the school by the government.


In the time of 1980, it was very normal for the youth to carry weapons with them. It was a perception that the young ones look very cool by carrying guns and other weapons with them. It was revealed by the neighbors of Ajax that he usually wants to enjoy himself with dangerous people.

So he spends most of his time with them. In the meantime, there was a class fellow of Ajax who shot him in front of all the students. As a result, Ajax was murdered on the spot on September 10, 1980. This was a very tragic incident that should be avoided by the school administration.

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