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Whether you live in an apartment or a mansion, doors are essential for every home. While providing a controlled access to the property, doors also add a phenomenal aesthetic appeal to the home. 

While many homeowners might not realize, choosing the right door is essential as a wrong one not only kills the aesthetic appeal of your home but also degrades its value. Why haste through the door selection process then?

These unique interior metal doors with glass will give you some ideas for your Kansas home: 

French Doors 

French doors were introduced in the late 16th century, soon becoming a part of the American lifestyle and a forever staple. To date, it’s a part of many homes and continues to be the most common style of door that fits interior and exterior spaces. 

Let metal French doors brighten up your home with natural light. Since it consists of glass, these doors let in more light into your room, making it more spacious. Create room divisions or use it as a bedroom door; either way, a French door will be a great fit for your Kansas home. 

Black Metal Barn Door

When it comes to sophistication, nothing seems like a better choice than black metal barn doors. While they help appreciate the value of your home, it’s also perfect for adding aesthetic appeal with a rustic touch. 

While the design feels old school, the black metal frame adds the perfect modern touch to accentuate your walls and doorways. 

Bi-Fold Door for Dining Room 


While bifold doors do come with a hefty price tag, we agree that it’s worth it for many reasons. It allows you to replace the entire wall of your home with metal and glass doors that fold into one another, letting you save more space. 

However, that’s just one of the many ideas. It can be customized in different sizes and shapes to fit your need. 

If made in white, bi-fold metal door becomes the perfect door to decorate your dining room with. It offers functionality with beauty! 

Arched Interior Metal Doors 

Do you want to make an impression with your doors? Then an arched interior metal door is the right match for your Kansas home. It creates a dramatic entrance to every room while adding elegance, and when made using a touch of glass, it can create a different level of sophistication. 

While a single-door style is good, a double door with an arched style will be a better option. 

Interior Metal Doors with Glass

Unlike the main entrance door, interior doors don’t get an abundant flow of light to spread through the home. When Kansas has such breathtaking sunsets to offer, maximize it using interior metal doors with glass. 

No matter what the design, glass can be incorporated in various ways. 

Metal Pocket Doors

Sometimes, the best way to open up a small home space is to eliminate the walls and replace them with glass. But using glass alone can be quite questionable as it’s not very strong on its own. 

However, combining glass with a metal frame gives you the perfect look with metal pocket doors. 

By replacing walls with metal pocket doors, you get a clear opening that lets more light pass through it. This makes your space look more open and spacious.

Frosted Glass Slide Metal Door for Pantry 

Every home has a beautiful pantry and a storage room that already has limited space. Why confine it further with a swing door when you can use a sliding door? A frosted glass slide metal door can keep your pantries and storage room private, while the sliding feature helps you maximize your space. 

Regardless of how much you load up, there’s nothing to worry about with sliding metal doors. 

Factory Style Metal Sliding Door

In case you might not know, factory-style metal sliding doors are sleek and modern yet durable and timeless designs. As the name suggests, they are inspired by the doors used in factories but made to fit home interiors. The doors usually come in a solid metal frame accompanied by a safety glass that’s usually frosted for privacy concerns. 

It’s a perfect addition to your home office and gaming room. Moreover, it helps maintain privacy while checking all the requirements of a door. 

These are a few of the interior metal door ideas that’ll fit beautifully in your Kansas home. However, finding the right person for a seamless job is essential. 

That’s why we recommend Pinky’s Iron Doors. Over the years, we have seen them provide remarkable services to people all across Kansas. There is hardly anything they can’t do, from custom metal interior doors to steel room dividers and windows. 

Their artisans give each product undivided attention for the most elegant and sophisticated final product that’ll leave you in awe. Wait no more and get in touch with them today to transform your home in Kansas with the best interior metal doors you can ever find. 


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