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String light or fairy lights? No matter what you call it, this set of lights is becoming one of the simple and affordable go-to items to decorate your house and make an instant yet significant transformation to your home. As a popular trend in home décor, more and more interior design experts have already proved using luminous string lights can easily add a magical charm to any space inside your home.

So if you are looking for ways to transform an ordinary space into an enchanting one, this list of interior design ideas will surely make your home cozy and aesthetically pleasing. These tips range from setting up bedroom ceiling lights to planning to make an illuminated play space for toddlers.

1. Create an Eye-Catching Chandelier

Creating a chandelier made of fairy lights can give a stunning effect to every visitor coming to your living space, with only several strings of lights wrapped around a circle or a square frame hanging from the ceilings by chains. It offers a classic aesthetic touch while keeping its modern vibes. It doesn’t only brighten your space — it also gives your home a more glamorous look. If you want, you can hang this beautiful DIY chandelier inside your bedroom or on the balcony.

2. Add Photos and String lights

Illuminate the corner wall in your bedroom with a bunch of fairy lights and polaroid pictures. This interior design idea can be a lighting feature that can brighten your dark and dull corners and highlight the place with memorable photos of your different vacations with your friends and loved ones. You only need a pair of string lights, your favorite photos, and some clothespin to do this.

3. Create a Safe Play Space for Kids 

Enhance your kid’s room by creating a beautiful play space using your string of lights. Little kids love to have a special place where they can enjoy their playing time alone with their toys and imagination. This comfortable spot illuminated with golden fairy lights is also a good spot where you and your kids can enjoy reading books or a short nap in the middle of the day.

4. Glam up Your Dining Table

The dining room is where you and your family can have quality time while enjoying a plate of your favorite food. But with some string lights, dinner can now be more memorable and exciting. Adding a string of light bulbs above your dining table can make a calming and cozy atmosphere while giving your dining space a modern and classy look. This affordable dining room lighting idea is proven to do wonders for your home aesthetics.

5.Make a DIY Flameless Fire Pit

Want to have a fire pit without using real flames? This DIY Flameless fire pit is fun to make and only requires some string lights, small twigs, and other items you can find inside your home. This simple DIY project can be a charming and cozy home décor that you can bring a warm and relaxing feeling inside your living room.

6. Fill Bottles With String Lights

You can reuse empty bottles of wine by filling them with a luminous string of lights. This simple home décor can light up your space’s dull and dark corners. To do this, you only need to drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle and thread the cord through, then fill the empty wine bottle with a string of lights.

7. Add Light to Your Indoor Plants

Can a plant and fairy lights fit and look good together? Of course, yes! Fairy lights can make an attractive decoration in any environment, and placing them on your indoor plant is not exempt. String lights have low energy and do not give off too much heat that may affect your plants. So putting fairy lights in your indoor plant can easily highlight the natural beauty of your little green friend. 

8. Construct a Dreamy Bed Canopy

If you are lucky to have a canopy bed inside your bedroom, you may enhance its look and elegance using some fairy lights. Adding fairy lights to your bed gives it a magical touch making your sleeping quarters charming and appealing to sleep. Ensure that the lights you use are not too bright, affecting your sleep quality.

9. Have a Moonlit Mason Jar

Moonlit mason jars offer a magical and dramatic feel to your bedroom, living room, or any other place you put them. It’s also similar to a lamp, but because of the string lights, it immediately gives your room a nod to a chic boho interior. It’s also pretty simple and cheap – get a mason jar and put your string lights inside. Voila! You now have an aesthetically pleasing lamp with only string lights and a mason jar.

10. Brighten up Your Headboard 

You can instantly do a makeover on your bedroom by adding some fairy lights to your headboard. These lights are the perfect addition to your bedroom to make it more cozy and comfortable to have a good night’s sleep. To make it more unique, you can use string lights to draw different designs, such as geometric lines, making it more stunning and fine-looking.

11. Light up Your Workspace

Bringing string lights to your workspace at home will add more light to a working corner if there is not enough natural light, or you can put a lamp on it. String lights hanging above your desk will help you stay more focused on your work and give a stress-free and inviting ambiance that could help you finish things you must do. This budget-friendly idea will give you a classy and ergonomically friendly workspace inside the vicinity of your own home.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the interior design tips you can do to revamp your space by only using string lights and some creativity. There are many other tips that you can try with these stunning lights — the sky’s the limit! The key lies in the different types of lights to use. You may visit to find more exciting lighting that suits your taste and budget.

We hope you will find this post helpful and thank you very much for reading until the end. Which one of these interior ideas are you most excited to try? Do let us know in the comments!


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