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The pandemic is not over yet, and there are many health authorities that warn about this fact on a daily basis. Currently, the new variants have proven to be especially dangerous for children, while continuing to threaten our elderly, but not only that, cases have been reported in which young and healthy people have fallen very ill from these new variants.

In addition to Covid-19, there are other viruses and bacteria that we must take care of, and mites capable of producing new allergies in us and our children, which is why it is very necessary that, despite being all vaccinated, we take as a habit, perform deep cleaning of our home, basically to improve our state of health.

However, if you do not have time to spotless your house, because the economic situation requires more work time to cover basic needs, pay services and taxes, there is an alternative to keep your spaces healthy, the house cleaning services of which we will also talk about in this article and that have become an increasingly popular alternative throughout the world.

How to clean your house? Anti-Covid-19 Operation

Usually, when we do a quick clean, we focus only on the floor and surfaces, such as tables, countertops and bathrooms, in many cases we also shake off dust and cobwebs. With the arrival of the pandemic, however, cleaning must be a little more thorough: you don’t need to put on an astronaut suit either, but you do need to wear a mask when cleaning, which will also protect you from chlorine and other cleaning products that could cause allergies.

Clean the surfaces with soap, disinfectant or chlorine, instead of shaking the dust with a duster, you can moisten a cloth in disinfectant and pass it over small surfaces, especially on the places where the hands make contact the most or where they pass it the most the family when it is together: tables and sinks are places where contagious bacteria and viruses tend to accumulate.

It is important that you know you should not combine cleaning products, in fact, it could even be harmful to health, since some combinations, especially with chlorine and ammonia, can produce emissions of toxic vapors that can be quite harmful.

Advantages of home cleaning services

Doing frequent thorough cleanings can take up a lot of your time, which is why, in some cases, especially when everyone in the family works or when both partners have tight work schedules and the kids have to go to school, a cleaning company of the home can become extremely useful.

These types of companies hire professionals who are responsible for keeping your spaces impeccable in exchange for a monthly payment. The payment plans will depend on the company you choose to carry out the work and the special needs of your home or if you are looking to prepare your home for an important event or a family gathering, it is a solution that many prefer as it helps them save time and keep their spaces nice and healthy on a constant basis.

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