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In this article, we will tell you where to watch KGF chapter 2 ott, the story, cast, release date and rating of this movie. KGF is an Indian movie released in the Kannada language. The Masterpiece is directed and written by Prashanth Neel. The production of KGF is handled by Vijay Kiragandur. KGF Chapter 2 is basically the sequel of KGF chapter 1 which was released in 2018. In KGF chapter 1, Sanjay Dutt, Yash, Raveena Tandon, Srinidhi Shetty, and Prakash Raj played various roles.

Chapter 2 of KGF was released in April 2022 in the Kannada language. After that, it was also dubbed in the languages like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi. This movie also holds the record of being the first movie which is released in IMAX. Moreover, it has a huge success rate and an IMDb rating of 8.4 which is quite impressive. After the release of KGF chapter 2 on Amazon Prime, fans want to know where to watch KGF chapter 2 ott.

Watch KGF Chapter 2 OTT, Cast, Release Date, Rating

Where to Watch KGF chapter 2 OTT?

KGF Chapter 2 which features Yash as a gangster has earned a lot of success and fame on the box office. The movie includes a variety of action stunts and dialogues which has taken the movie experience to the next level. People are so impressed by KGF chapter 2 that they want to watch KGF chapter 2 ott. The film is currently available in almost five languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. The movie was released on Amazon prime on 3rd June 2022.  In the cinemas, the movie was released on 14th April.

Currently, you can watch the movie on Amazon prime or in cinemas. No news has been disclosed about the release of KGF chapter 2 on Ott. In future, if any news is released about the premier of KGF chapter 2 ott we will update you immediately. Rocky has faced many difficulties and obstacles in safeguarding the goldmines and the people of Narachi. He has fought various opponents like Adhira and Rameeka.

When KGF chapter 2 will be released?

KGF Chapter 2 is the sequel to KGF chapter 1. Chapter 1 of KGF was released in 2018 under the production of Vijay and the direction of Prashanth. After the release of KGF chapter 1, the fans were anxiously waiting for the release of KGF chapter 2. Finally, the KGF chapter 2 was released on 14th April 2022 having a duration of 168 minutes. A 100-crore budget was utilized for the production of this movie and it earned almost 1200 to 1400 crore at the box office.

Some fans are also anxiously waiting for the release of KGF chapter 2 on ott and are willing to watch KGF chapter 2 ott. Currently, there is no date mentioned regarding the KGF chapter 2 ott, but if any news is disclosed we will update you immediately.

What is the plot of KGF chapter 2?

The plot of KGF chapter 2 is very interesting. Vijendra narrated the story after his father Anand faced a severe stroke.  In order to take the control of KGF, Rocky killed Virat who was also the heir. Rocky also kept Reena hostage in order to make sure the cooperation of Guru Pandian,  Rajendra Desai and Andrio. Kamal protested this tactic but he was killed by Rocky. He ordered to start working in 8 mines. Then Adhira came to the highlight after killing the guards of the mine. Andrio killed Desai and Reena was captured by John. There were also some political scenes in the movie. Ramika Sen became the prime minister in 1981.

After getting knowledge of the KGF plan she issued orders to stop all the working of mines and borders. At the end of the movie, Ramika Sen ordered issue a death warrant for Rocky. She also ordered the evacuation of the KGF mines. Rocky did not obey the orders of Ramika Sen and started making a new colony for KGF mining. Ramika ordered to blast KGF with a bomb and Rocky along with his gold drowned in the ocean. So, in the entire movie, Rocky can be seen struggling and fighting for the rights and safety of the people of Narachi. After successfully defeating the opponents Rocky Bhai has become the ruler of Kolar Gold Fields.

What is the cast of KGF chapter 2?

KGF 2 has a very multi-talented cast including various big names. In KGF chapter 2 Yash played the role of Raja Krishnapa aka Rocky. Sanjay Dutt played the role of Adhira. Raveena Tandon played the role of Ramika Sen who is the Prime Minister of India in the movie. Srinidhi Shetty played the role of Reena who was her lover and wife of Rocky. Achyuth Kumar played the role of Guru Pandian who was the boss of the DYSS party.

Prakash Raj played the role of Vijendra who is the son of Anand. Dinesh Mangaluru played the role of Shetty. Archana played the role of Shantama who is Rocky’s mother. Rao Ramesh played the role of Raghav and who is the CBI officer in the movie. Moreover, Rupa Krishnappa, Srinivas, and Krishna ji are the workers in KGF.

What is the rating of KGF chapter 2?

KGF Chapter 2 is a masterpiece Indian movie which was initially released in the Kannada language. After that, it was dubbed into other languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. The movie has won many awards and has a reputation for getting high ratings on various platforms. On IMDB, KGF chapter 2 has a rating of 8.4 which is quite a good rating.

Times of India has a rating of 4 by 5. According to the algorithm of Google, 96% of people have liked this movie. If we talk about the review section, most of the people have given positive reviews about KGF chapter 2 and the criticism is very less. The performance of Yash as a Rocky Bhai has taken KGF chapter 2 to the next level and it is an honour for the Kannada people.

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