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When you’re living on a farmhouse property, having quality fencing is a must. Without the knowledge of what type of fencing will serve you best, however, making the right choice becomes difficult. To ensure you’re investing in a fencing setup that will serve both your farming needs and the aesthetic needs of your property, here are the six best options available for farmhouse fences: 

1. Woven Wire Fences 

When you’re hosting pigs, poultry, or goats on your farmhouse property, they can become a real pain. They will love to escape now and then if they can, and with some fence designs, there is plenty of room for them to wiggle out. To keep these escape artists contained, and to give your property a proper farmhouse aesthetic, installing woven wire fences is highly recommended. They are well-made and are built to last at least twenty years, so they can be a great investment for any farmhouse that is raising animals known for their mischievous natures. Knowing how to keep your responsibilities as a homeowner intact is always a good idea. 

2. Wood Fences 

Typically, wood has been the choice for fences on farmhouse properties. In some cases, farmers will even use their wood supply to make the fences. Doing so can be difficult, however, if you do not have a convenient, powerful way to get the wood posts into the ground. With the power of skid steer post drivers, however, you can ensure the wood fences you install will be built to last – giving you peace of mind about keeping your cattle and other livestock safely contained. During harsh weather, wood fencing is especially well-known for how durable it can be. 

3. Synthetic Fences 

While synthetic fences were once considered tacky, they have come back into fashion in recent decades. Synthetic fences can be a great option for those who want a budget-friendly fence. Especially if you want to invest in a cheaper fence before installing something else down the line, synthetic fences can be a great option. Synthetic fencing can combine with other fencing materials, such as electric fencing, to create a unique fencing setup that’s perfect for your farmhouse property’s needs. There’s also a variety of looks that are associated with synthetic fences, giving you more flexibility on how you match your fence’s aesthetic with your farmhouse’s aesthetic. With the global fencing market growing at an astonishing rate, it’s become much easier to get a great deal on fencing. 

4. High Tensile Wire Fences 

One of the most unique fencing options available, high tensile wire fences are a luxury. They are effective in both smooth and woven wire designs, giving you a ton of flexibility in how they look, and more. These fences have a typical lifespan of over fifty years, making them a great investment if you can afford them. They are also considered to be trouble-free in terms of maintenance, making them great for farmers and homeowners that do not want to constantly perform maintenance on their fences. That being said, high tensile wire fences require specialized equipment and skills to install properly. 

5. Electric Fences 

Depending on what type of livestock you have on your farmhouse property, you may need electric fencing to keep them contained, and safe. With modern electric fencing, you are using “energizers,” which will need occasional recharging to be efficient. Overall, however, these modern electric fences are fantastic for keeping your energy costs down (and for helping the environment). Just make sure you put up signage that lets people know that your fence is electric. Doing so will keep you legally protected, and ensures others will not receive a painful shock when they’re wandering around your farmhouse property. 

6. Barbed Wire Fences 

Barbed wire is one of the cheaper ways to install fencing around your farmhouse. While it’s not nearly as beautiful or hardy as other options, it can provide a great temporary fix for your fencing needs. Unlike other fence options on this list, however, barbed wire is sometimes banned in certain locales. Before going through the costs and effort of installing barbed wire fencing on your property, make sure to check with local government offices and any HOA associations that might be in your area. With the right amount of awareness, however, you can easily get your barbed wire fencing installed in a quick, efficient fashion.  

Keep Your Farmhouse Property Secure and Beautiful

With these six options, you’re one step closer to making your farmhouse both incredibly secure, and gorgeous. Make sure you consider these options carefully so that you’ll invest in the right match, and gain a fencing setup that will last you for decades to come. 

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