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Here is the article about Invisible City Gabriela: Author, Cast, Story, Release Date, and Director detail. Invisible City Gabriela is a very famous Television series streaming. It is an amazing Brazilian fantasy series. The creator of this amazing series is none other than Carlos Saldanha. Carlos Saldhana is an  Oscar nominee director. These series are the first live-action series of Carlos Saldanha. It is also aired in Portuguese by the name Cicade Invisivel.

Invisible City Gabriela Author, Cast, Story, Release Date, Director

Who is the author of Invisible City Gabriela?

The most interesting thing about invisible City Gabriella is that it involved two writers these two writers are the best playwriters they are not only known for their best screenwriting but also for the best style they have.  Raphael Draccon and Carolina Munhóz are the writers of this series. They are globally recognized authors and there is a world that knows them and appreciates their work.

Cast of Invisible City Gabriela:

  • Marco Pigossi as Eric
  • Alessandra Negrini as Inês
  • Fábio Lago as Iberê
  • Jéssica Córes as Camila
  • Jimmy London as Tutu
  • Wesley Guimarães as Isac
  • Áurea Maranhão as Marcia
  • Julia Konrad as Gabriela
  • Thalia Perez as Januária
  • Manu Dieguez as Luna
  • José Dumont as Ciço
  • Tainá Medina as Fabiana
  • Rafael Sieg as Ivo
  • Samuel de Assis as João
  • Victor Sparapane as Manaus

Release Date:

5th February 2021 is the release date of the first season.

Story Theme:

The show centers on an environmental police officer who, after discovering a link between his wife’s untimely death and the unexplained emergence of a dead river dolphin on a Rio de Janeiro beach, discovers a secret realm of mythical creatures from Brazilian legend. Eric is playing the role of an environmental police officer.

Summary of the Plot:

Detective Eric (Marco Pigossi) of the Environmental Police is entangled in a murder inquiry after finding a dead freshwater pink dolphin on a Rio de Janeiro beach. He also learns that there is a legendary world full of creatures that are normally invisible to humans.

His investigation into inexplicable deaths that coincide with the passing of his wife, Gabriela (Julia Konrad), brings him into contact with a group of magically empowered beings. He soon discovers that the river dolphin spirit Manaus (Victor Sparapane), who he discovered dead at the beginning of the story, was his father, and that he is a half-entity.

Eric and his newly discovered allies realize that their father’s daughter, Luna, has been possessed by Dry Body, the escaped ghost of a dead, vanished anti-environmentalist evildoer (Manu Dieguez). Dry Body is to blame for Gabriela’s passing since he seeks revenge by murdering woodland creatures. Dry Body transfers from Luna to Eric in search of a more powerful host to carry out his murderous rampage.

Yet before the evil creature can kill anyone else, Eric gives his life in sacrifice by slaying Dry Body. It is hinted that Eric has been reincarnated as a full entity when he mysteriously revives in the final scene and is carried into the forest by the other beings.

Episodes of Invisible City Gabriela:

Season One consists of a total of 7 episodes. Following are the episodes of this series:

  1. Wish You Were Here
  2. There Is No Turning Back
  3. They Are Among the Us
  4. Cuca Will Come After You
  5. You Will Not Believe Me
  6. Childish Things
  7. It’s Much Bigger Than Us

Episodes 1,2,3 and 7 are directed by Luis Carone.

Episodes 4,5 and 6 are directed by Júlia Pacheco Jordão.

Is there any news of Season 2 coming?

After the huge success of Season 1 witnessed by Netflix, Netflix revealed that the show had just received a second season renewal on March 2, 2021. For a whole day, the Netflix series was among the most popular offerings in more than 40 nations, including Brazil.

What is the director’s goal for season 2?

While Carlos Saldanha made a portal to an invisible world in Rio de Janeiro, his hometown, which he usually pays homage to in his productions, in the first season, the objective for the following season is to explore another part of the country.

What about the cast for the second season? Is it the same cast or any changes?

The identities of the new folks who will live there remain a mystery. There will also be new names, however, the cast has not yet been finalized.

Most popular TV Show:

Invisible City Gabriela got different views and audiences. There were mostly positive reviews along with some mixed reviews. Netflix does not make us aware of the audience and review numbers.

According to What’s on Netflix, Invisible City Gabriela has been the most popular and entertaining TV show on Netflix in Brazil and was able to be among the top 10 in France, New Zealand, and Spain on February 13, 2021. According to  FlixPatrol, the TV show had been in the 10 most popular series in 12 countries on the same day.

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