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Are you an Avid reader but unable to figure out which place is perfect for your books? Or are you confused that how to redecorate your simple and bookshelves that complement your decorative and modern house designs? Certainly, you do not want to spend much on these bookshelves and want to have extraordinary functional decorative bookshelves that you can do yourself.bookshelvesbookshelf designs

Creative Bookshelves & Library Designs Ideas for Home:

So following are some exciting ideas for bookshelf decorations.

Shifting Bookshelves

Is not that a wonderful idea that you can adjust yourself according to the size of your books it Otherwise, you need to place big books somewhere else; enhancing clutter and inconvenience. So let’s try out some compatible shifting shelves. The trick is to use immovable pulleys instead of nails that can be shifted to any position as per your want.

bookshelf designs

Cupboard cum Bookshelf

Some people are lazy as swollen potatoes. Certainly, They desire to enjoy their cup of tea with their favorite book is sitting in the lounge.  Also, your guests desirous of some books then try out these latest cupboard cum decorative bookshelves designs. You need to begin with a small cupboard that can be used as a coffee table too. Between the layers, create a space where you can keep all your books in a circular motion. These are those easy decorative bookshelf designs that stand out even with the modern textures and layout of the white living room.bookshelf designs


Shoe Boxes to Decorative Bookshelves Ideas

Going low your budget?  then add in these superb budget-friendly decorative bookshelves. For this, you may find some shoe boxes or wine crates lying in your pantry. Also, home improvement tips support such ideas. For an instance, take them out. Clean and paint them. Lastly, have them hanged interestingly on your wall. Don’t forget to keep your books in horizontal as well as vertical fashion to maintain the Bohemian artistry in your house.

bookshelf designs

Formal Library Book Shelves

We all crave a perfect for one bookshelf. However, it is costly. It is not always up to the mark according to our taste and style so let’s try something new for the decoration of home library bookshelves. From the gray store,  get a basic cupboard.bookshelf designs

library bookshelf

Give it a teal Ombre tint color and hang it up on the wall. It would give you the impression of a rustic bookshelf at your place. Also add a book divider a small toy, enhancing the overall beauty of your formal bookshelf that was once a cupboard.

Ladder Shelves

All have a ladder that stands idles in our house. We might have used that ladder while painting something or stepping on the roof. However, after the arrival of the staircase, It is a reality that we don’t reuse this ladder any longer. So, this is the right time to reuse this ladder and turn it into beautiful vertical ladder bookshelves.bookshelf designs

All you have to repaint it. Keep them in your favorite corner of your house. Extend the stepping shelves with more wooden slabs if needed. Adorn it with hanging flower stems and here you go-your personal decorative bookshelves are ready.bookshelf designs

ladders bookshelf

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