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Here are the details of Diana Castro Hagee Age, Height, Weight, Husband, Family, and much more. Diana Castro Hagee is one of the most popular personalities in America. She is mainly recognized for being the wife of John Hagee. John Hagee is a very well-known personality and a great Businessman. He is the founder of the cornerstone church. This is one of the most popular churches in Texas, San Antonio. She is 70 years old and has maintained her personality very well.

She is much known for her great gesture as well. Diana Castro Hagee is living a great life with her husband. There are many publications of by Diana Castro that are famous in America as well as in different parts of the world. She is also working as a pastor. Currently, she is working as a chief director of the John Hagee television ministry. She is working great with her husband. They both are living a peaceful life.

Diana Castro Hagee Age, Height, Weight, Husband, Family

Diana Castro Hagee Age:

Diana Castro Hagee was born on 5th March. She was born in the United States of America. Now she is serving professionally in the area of America. Following are the complete details regarding her personal life and her professional career.

Physical Appearance:

Diana Castro Hagee is a very beautiful lady. She is much adored by her fans. Most people love her looks. She makes everyone fall for her. She is the ay attractive personality that’s why they are a large number of fans of her in the whole world. Talking about her features then she has a height of 5 feet 7 inches. She is so much tall and her long height increases her beauty. Her weight is also moderate. She doesn’t look overweight. She always tries to maintain her fitness level by going regularly to the gym. Diana Castro Hagee never misses her death because she wants to look young, healthy, and beautiful.

As she is naturally very pretty but she always takes care of her diet and looks upon her figure also. She has so many good features but her hair color increases her beauty. The color of her hair is brown. There is something unique in her as her eyes are also brown. Her eyes and hair which makes her look outstanding and attractive. If there are so many people between her then we only focus on her because of her beauty and fitness. She makes everyone love her just by her outstanding looks.


Diana Castro Hagee has a husband whose name is Dr. John Hagee. Their bond is very amazing and beautiful. They both love each other very much. Both of them always understand each other problems. They both try to maintain a good family. Her husband is the founder of Cornerstone Church. The date when they both married is April 12 and the year was 1976. Both of them got married in the United States of America. Now they are living a very happy life.

Whenever anyone between these two got a problem they both discuss it with each other and try to solve a rather than hide from each other. Although this is John’s second marriage, he loves her. He does not get his past to become in his presence. He always tries to make her wife happy and supports her in every situation.

Children Details:

Diana Castro Hagee has 5 children. She loves all of her children equally. Diana Castro Hagee doesn’t show more love towards any of the children which makes other children depressed. She is the great mother who take care of all of these 5 children and raise them to be a great personality. The name of her children is Matthew, Christopher, Sandy, Tish, and Christina. All of them have beautiful names. She doesn’t share much information about her children on media. But by seeing her attitude towards her children on media we can easily assume that she loves her children very much.

She is a role model for all the mothers as she manages to focus on the upbringing of all these children with her career. Diana Castro Hagee always tries to spend more and more time with her children. She never gives her career more important than her children. Their family shows us a great bond. They all love each other and understand each other problems. All of her children are pretty and look good like Their mother.

Career Details:

  • Considering the career of Diana Castro Hagee, at the start of 1980 she worked as an actress. Her famous movie was Praise the lord in which he has done great acting.
  • After that in 2000, she also appeared in a TV series. The name of the TV series was Hagee Ministries.
  • After this, she joined her husband in his Foundation which was completely founded by him. She became the co-executive director of the Christian Church for the John Hagee TV ministry.
  • She has also worked as a team.
  • She has been maintaining both duties with full courage and enthusiasm.
  • Diana Castro Hagee has always filled her responsibility as a great wife, mother, and great businesswoman and s also appeared as an events coordinator at Christian schools and Women’s Ministries in Texas.
  • There is an organization GetV Foundation. She has also worked for it and is one of the directors of this NGO.
  • She is one of the best event organizers.
  • Diana has made a great name in the field of event management in her career.
  • Apart from these things, her career has also flourished as an author.


She is a very popular international speaker. She has also made a huge name as an author in America.  Whenever someone looks at her, they always praise her beauty because she looks very cute and pretty. She looks very young compared to her friends or people around us. There are many different sources for her through which she is earning money.

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