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If you’re into comics with plenty of action and excitement with dramatic twists and turns, the Geiger comic series by Geoff Johns may be the perfect addition to your collection. If you’re wondering what this comic is about and whether or not you enjoy reading it, please continue reading this review and learn more about this critically acclaimed series.

The Plot 

The comic book Geiger is set in a post-apocalyptic world where radiation from nuclear war is a looming threat. Geiger is hiding to avoid the hordes of criminals and gangsters in the desert.

Geiger is known in the comic as the Organ Man or Glowing Man, and the location takes place around the Nevada area, specifically Las Vegas. The setting for this comic series involves an interconnected world of gangs, casinos, and individuals under the rule of the King. The goal of the King was to gain control of nuclear arms, specifically an atomic football device. This device was lost in the desert after Air Force One was shot down during the Nuclear Assault.

The location where this post-apocalyptic city sits is called Camelot. The King’s men locate the football, but a waitress’s children find it and are running from them. Gieger promises to protect the children from the King’s men. 


Geoff Johns has used his talents to weave an exciting tale filled with action and suspense. His character is well-rounded and allows the reader to connect with him more humanly. The author goes into great detail to weave a world where it’s a struggle to survive and prevent the criminal element from gaining control of the world. 

If you enjoy a gritty comic that has a wide range of characters that are believable but fantastic at the same time, then you’ll enjoy reading this comic series. There seems to be plenty of room for character building and continuation for an extended time with this series. 

Expect to see more from Gieger in the coming years, and there are rumors of a potential movie or comic animated series in the works. While a television show or a movie is an excellent addition to any comic series, it’s well worth the time to immerse oneself in the actual comic and enjoy the journey and the fantastic artwork of Gary Frank, who drew Superman, Supergirl, and The Incredible Hulk. 


Whether you enjoy a post-apocalyptic scenario or are just a fan of comic book heroes with a rough exterior, you should check out the Geiger comic series by Geoff Johns. It’s likely to become an instant favorite for many comic fans and puts a refreshing twist on the modern superhero. Although there is no confirmation of an actual release date, there is a discussion of a movie or series stemming from the comic series. In all, it’s worth checking out the first few comics to see if it’s something to pursue, because this comic has a little something for everyone, and looks to become a classic.

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