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Garden Potting tables are not a new name when it comes to the gardening and home décor of any house. Once you are done with the gardening purposes, you need a place where you can put your pots and gardening accessories. No one wants to leave clutter on the beautiful chunk of grass outside their house. Moreover, if you are tired of replacing your flower pots from one place to another then you should go for a garden potting tables design. There are several potting table designs presides in the market that would cut off your regular budget.

So following are some crazy garden potting table plans that go well with any size of your garden and would feel very light upon the budget.

Attractive Garden Potting Tables & Benches Ideas – DIY Garden Plans

Garden Potting Tables – Barbeque Partner

According to the house holding tips,  if an entity is playing double duty for you, it is perfect for middle-class houses. Also, it is very handy and does multi-purpose source being in a small space.  A barbecue with a potting table is just an example. Using simple strategy, you can create your own BBQ garden potting table where you can place your grill upon the first slab of wood while placing your pots underneath.

Reuse your Dressers

Most people when getting tired of the old dressers present in houses, throw them away in the garbage, or sell them for pennies. However this time you can reuse your old dressers into outdoor garden Potting tables. They would not only add a flashing look to your garden but also not seem as old as they are looking before. All you have to do is to repaint your dresser in whatever color you like.

We suggest some bright and block hues such as blue, crimson, or yellow color. Pull off the shutters of your dresser. Place a variety of pots above, around, and under the table. To make the room complete, you may add some gardening tools in one corner of the dresser. So, it can serve the utility purpose of the garden potting table as well.


Vertical Potting Stands

Are you tired of the similar potting benches plans that are present in almost every house on the corner?. Then this Top-Notch design is just for you. You can try out the vertical trends. All you have to seek a perfect vertical furniture design. If you have a used pallet bed you can remake it to use again. Paint it a bit. put them either in your back yard garden or even in your Zen garden.

It would be more Like an A-pillar as well as the designer accessory store your garden. This kind of design works best for small house designs as it fits in very small places. 

Metallic Trellis – Eden Garden Potting Tables

To provide celestial look to your garden in the house, people are fond of adding trellis at the entrance. So, how about using one of the best potting benches and tables to create a beautiful Trellis that would take you to the heavens. Metallic rods are easily available in the market. Bring them in. Join them with screws and machines.

Do take the help of a professional if you do not believe in your creative skills. Lastly, adorn your metallic trailed space with benches, styled with stems and florals.


Stair Customized

For a customized garden potting tables, you should go for a stair inspired potting table. Use your worn-out stair to create a beautiful step in potting bench. If you can arrange more than one table. Get yourself ready for the stairs canopy. Join them together. On the top, place pots on upon the upper layers of the ladder while you can add some kind of seating beneath the stairs and among the stair canopy.

Stair Customized

Round Cut Potting Benches

Another way of using your potting table for multiple purposes is to create a round potting bench. You have to do is to cut down the wooden log into a circular shape with which you can study enjoy your brunch. In other words, you can use this round wooden log as your customize center table into Garden. Beneath them keep your flowering pots and gardening accessories and utensils.

Garden potting tables are a useful addition to your garden if you want to exercise your charm and utility in your garden.

Round Cut Potting Benches

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