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Instagram is a key social media platform for marketing, used by many consumers and advertisers to market their brands. According to different stats, more than 60 million photos are posted on Instagram per day.

The Instagram market is competitive and it can be difficult to succeed, especially if you’re new to marketing. There are a few effective marketing strategies that can help you increase your Instagram followers and improve your brand awareness. Read on to learn what these marketing strategies can do for your brand. 

Switch to a Business Account

To create an Instagram marketing strategy that works, the first step is to change your account to a business account. This can be done by going to your Settings and choosing the option to switch to a professional profile.

Owning a business account has many benefits. Your profile can include links to your website and a Call To Action button. This will allow you to instantly connect with customers.

You can also publish Instagram ads with a business account. This allows you to check the impression rate and reach of your posts each day.

Set Your Goals

Setting your goals will allow you to define your daily marketing tasks. You can use Instagram for different purposes including online presence improvement, brand awareness, finding new leads, and selling products.

These goals can be combined, but it is less likely that you will get the results you desire if you don’t know what your goals are.

Focus on Your Page Appearance

When people visit your Instagram account, your page is usually the first thing they notice. Communicate who you are and what you do on Instagram. Make sure you have a good profile picture, biography, and link to your site. It is also best for most brands to use their logo as a profile picture.

An Instagram bio can only contain 150 characters. To attract people to your brand, make sure you use these characters in a compelling way. Your bio will be the first thing that users see to get a better understanding of your brand. Keep your most recent posts in focus and be concise and professional.

Make Use of Instagram’s Free Tools

Instagram offers free tools that will give you insight and analytics about your posts. These tools can be used to calculate your Instagram engagement rate. Instagram’s insight tool allows you to categorize the data by gender, age, location, and most active hours. This information can be used to improve your engagement and make your next post.

To boost your account’s performance, you can also make use of other Instagram tools from third parties.

Post on Instagram Daily

You won’t get the user engagement you want if you’re not active on the platform. To increase engagement, you should post at least once per day. You can also post more content to your Instagram Story. Aim to post 1-2 times per day on average, which will come up to around 15 posts per week.

Make Compelling Captions

Instagram is more than just visuals. To keep your followers interested in your content, you must also write compelling captions. Instagram captions are limited to 2,200 characters. Only the first two lines of your caption will appear on the feed and they should include the most important information. Your caption should be entertaining, informative, and relevant to your brand.

Use Relevant Hashtags 

Use Instagram hashtags to grab the attention of users. When hashtags are properly used, they can bring in a lot of new people to your profile as well as your brand. Know that it can be very counterproductive if the hashtag is confusing, repetitive, or not relevant to the content. 

If a user follows a hashtag but sees something that is not what they expected, they might select an option to prevent the content from being relevant. Try to use relevant hashtags to draw more attention to your profile. Use hashtags that are concise, specific, and relevant to the post and your target audience. Avoid using too many hashtags as they can make your profile look spammy and make it difficult for readers to see.

To make it easier for users, separate your hashtags from your caption. You can do this by placing them under periods and line breaks. You don’t need to include all hashtags in your captions. Instead, put them in the comments section after you publish the post.

Bottom Line

Instagram is dominating social media by offering free tools to promote your brand and increase revenue. Your brand’s visibility will be improved by keeping an eye on Instagram marketing trends. By improving your marketing strategy you will also increase your following and boost your brand’s visibility on the platform.

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