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In this article, we will tell you which tanked Star dies, how he died, his age and other details about the tanked series. Tanked is a famous American television series which was released in 2011 and started on Animal Planet. The show followed the aquarium manufacturing operations of the acrylic tanks.  These tanks were owned by Brett Raymer and Wayde King.

An interesting fact about them is that the sister of Brett named Heather was married to Wayde King. He was the accountant in the company. The unfortunate news about the tanked series is that its star named Michael Angelis died in an accident in Canada and the news was confirmed by Kevin O Leary.  Moreover, there is also some news of divorce between Heather and Wayde due to domestic violence.

Is Tanked Star Dies, How and Who Died form Tanked with Details

Which tanked star has died?

Kevin O Leary who is a star of Shark Tank has revealed that the Tanked star Michael Angelis died in a horrible crash in Canada. At the time of his death, he was 76 years old. Michael has displayed his acting skills in various projects like “Boys from the black stuff”. He has also played the role of narrator as Thomas in the Tank Engine.

After his death, the cast of Tanked is in deep shock as he was very involved in the team as a joyful member. Moreover, he will be missed a lot by the fans if new seasons of tanked are initiated in the coming future. His name will be remembered in the media industry forever.

How did the tanked star die?

The Tanked star Michael Angelis died in a fatal crash on the weekend in Canada. The actual cause of the crash is unknown yet and it has not been revealed that either he was drunk or not. The news of the death of Michael Angelis was confirmed by the star of Shark Tank named Kevin O Leary who stated that the cause of his death is a crash and it was a sudden death and nothing else. But in future, if we get to know any details about the tanked star dies, we will update you immediately.

Age of tanked star who died:

Michael Angelis who was a tanked star was born on 20th April 1944 in England. The name of his mother was Margaret and name of his father was Evangelos. His mother was English while his father was Greek. Most of the time of his early life was spent in Liverpool and he was interested in acting and drama since his childhood. After completing his training at the Royal Scottish academy of music and drama he started his career as an actor and star.

Is tanked still on screens

Tanked is such a hit television series that even after 15 seasons the fans are anxiously waiting for the 16th season of the tanked. Unfortunately, there is bad news for the fans of tanked because animal planet has confirmed that the plan of releasing the 16th season of the tanked has been cancelled. The reason for the cancellation of the new season of tanked is also very disturbing.

The spouse stars of tanked Wayde King and Heather have been charged with domestic abuse and are under trial. Due to this tragedy, the process has been stopped. In future, if we get any news about the release of the 16th season of the tank, we will update you immediately.

Why has tanked cancelled?

The tanked tv series has been cancelled after releasing of 15 seasons of the show. One major reason for the cancellation of the show is the dispute between Wayde King and Heather because these spouse cast members are facing charges of domestic abuse. Heather had been arrested some time ago for kicking her husband Wayde in the stomach after they both shared anger and harsh comments.

Wayde King has also told the police that Heather has made him hang from the car window and abused him. Heather has rejected these claims and has said that she didn’t even slap or kick Wayde King. The couple has remained together for 21 years after their marriage and such an incident after 21 years of togetherness is really disturbing.

Can we see tanked on TV?

Tanked can be watched on Fubo TV or Discovery. Moreover, you can also stream the movie on online platforms like Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu by renting the seasons of Tanked.

Who is the owner of Tanked?

Tanked is owned by Wayde King and Brett Raymer. They are brothers-in-law and co-owners of the tank.

Seasons and episodes of Tanked:

There are 15 seasons of tanked till now and the 16th season was in process but cancelled for now due to the ongoing domestic abuse issue between spouse cast members Wayde King and Heather. In future, if any new season or episode is planned we will inform you.

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