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How long has it been since you bought a brand new sofa? There have been some huge advancements in home furniture design and technology in the last several years. The extra functionality of a sleeper sofa comes in pretty handy, and these aren’t your grandparents’ sofa beds. When you want to be able to accommodate additional guests, you just can’t go wrong with a sofa bed. 

If you’re on the fence about replacing one of your couches with one that has a built-in fold-out bed, here are some great reasons to take the leap. When you’re ready, check out this 1StopBedrooms sofa beds offer.

Unexpected overnight guests

You never know when you might need to accommodate a friend or family member at the drop of a hat. Those who love to throw parties have to expect to accommodate at least a guest or two who have overdone it, and children like to have sleepovers as well. If you have adult children, there are always those opportunities for visits with both them and your grandchildren. These are just a few reasons you might end up with overnight guests. 

Save your relatives the cost of a hotel

Even if a visit with your family is planned, allowing them to stay with you instead of at a hotel has some big benefits. For one thing, you’ll save a ton of time and gas not having to make extra trips to and from the hotel. On the flip side of that, your family will save money by not having to pay for a room. Both of these opportunities mean you can spend more quality time together doing the activities you love.

An added bed for children in guest rooms

Even if you have a guest bedroom for your relatives to use, you can still benefit from a sleeper sofa. Adding a sofa bed gives your guests a place to lounge if they need a moment to themselves, while the hidden bed inside is the perfect solution for adding sleeping areas for children without having to have them make a pallet on the floor.

Why every Airbnb needs sofa beds

If you ever rent out your home on Airbnb or similar platforms, sofa beds are a very worthwhile investment. Each sofa bed could add sleeping quarters for one to two additional people per sofa. The more people you can accommodate, the more you can charge. That said, you don’t want to put a sofa bed in every available room. 

If you have the space, the best rooms to add sofa beds are guest bedrooms, family rooms or dens, and rec rooms. While a fold-out couch could work in the living room as well, remember that the bed would have to be put back together to use the room, and you may not want to take away that communal space.

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